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James Hough

IVU Vice President, and Member of the Executive Committee 1947-57

The first we know of James Hough is in the report of the 1923 IVU Congress, held in Stockholm:

". . . . . . the Roll Call of the Delegates . . James Hough (Secretary of the Vegetarian Society), Manchester . . . . . . the full list of papers read . . James Hough (Manchester) on " Methods of Propaganda," . . . . . . Some discussion arose as to the advisability of admitting Nature Healing Societies as members of the International Vegetarian Union . . and Mr. Hough took part. . ." [the photo right was printed in the report of the 1923 Congress from The Vegetarian Society (Manchester)]

The 1926 Congress was held in London and organised jointly by the London and Manchester Societies, Mr. Hough was more actively involved and the pre-Congress publicity shows:

Full particulars may be obtained from . . Mr. James Hough (Secretary of the Vegetarian Society), 30 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester. [Then from the main Congress report:] "Mr. JAMES HOUGH (Manchester), described the valuable results which the Vegetarian Society had obtained by the distribution of literature, combined with an invitation to the recipients to apply for more.

Extracts from the report from the 1929 Congress, held in Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia:

The British Societies were represented by four delegates and it is worthy of note that each delegate is a member of both the Vegetarian Society and the London Vegetarian Society. It is also gratifying to place on record that the two Societies joined in one national report, presented by Mr. James Hough, and co-operated throughout the Congress in the many events in whch the British representatives were asked to take part.

The Vegetarian Society and the London Vegetarian Society each sent two delegates, the former being represented by Dr. Walter Walsh and Mr. James Hough, and the latter by Mrs. Harold Goddard and Mr. Frank Wyatt. It was at least a source of satisfaction to the British delegates themselves that all four were actually members of both societies.

The last formal session of the Congress was devoted to discussion of the various addresses that had gone before . Mr. James Hough, Secretary of the Vegetarian Society, was given the honour of submitting the following resolution, which Dr. Ude, with his accustomed eloquence and high authority, seconded: "That this International Vegetarian Congress desires to urge that an inquiry be instituted by the appropriate depart-ment of the League of Nations into the question of the food supplies of the populations of selected countries in regard to the effect of those supplies on world peace."

The reports from the 1932 Congress, held near Berlin, make no mention of Mr. Hough, it is not clear whether he attended. But he was back for 1935 Congress in Denmark [looking a little older in the 1935 photo, right]:

The British societies' delegates were . . . Mr. James Hough (secretary of The Vegetarian Society) . . . . . Delegates from each national society replied to the welcome, Mr. JAMES HOUGH and Mr. S. A. HURREN responding on behalf of the British Societies.

The report from the 1938 Congress, held in Norway, does not mention Mr. Hough.

The Congresses were inevitably suspended for a few years, resuming in 1947 in Gloucestershire, England and organised by James Hough [another photo right from that year]:

During the course of the evening Mr. James Hough (Congress Secretary) intimated that Mr. Webbe had brought with him, by plane, direct from the States, an attractive basket of fruit as a token of goodwill from the vegetarians in America.

The business included reports from representatives of Societies affiliated to the I.V.U., and were given by . . . Mr. J. Hough and Mr. Roy Walker (England), . . .

Mr. W. A. SIBLY (England) was re-elected President, Mr. JAS. HOUGH (England) to act in the capacity of Vice-President in the event of Mr. Sibly not being available for any meetings of the Committee.

Mr. Hough, as Congress Secretary, was also warmly thanked for his work in organizing the Congress.

  • Mr Hough Retires - as Secretary of the Vegetarian Society (Manchester), he was in his 75th year (from the Vegetarian World Forum, Spring 1948).

The 1950 Congress was held in The Netherlands:

The officers of the I.V.U. were elected as follows-- . . . .Vice-Presidents: . . . and James Hough (Gt. Britain),

Mr. Sibly was followed, in his expression of thanks to our Dutch hosts, . . . Jas Hough (Gt. Britain),

The minutes of the Executive Committe meetings of 22nd October 1950, in Manchester; 17th July 1951, London; Easter 1952, Holland, all show that Mr. Hough was present. From the 1953 Congress, held in Sweden:

The following members of The Vegetarian Society Committee were elected to represent the Society at the International Vegetarian Conference, Sweden, 1953. Mr. E.H.Kirby, Mr.S.M.Healey, Mr.Geoffrey R.Axon, and the Secretary [Geoffrey Rudd]. Mr James Hough would attend as member of the IVU Executive. [clearly Mr Hough was no longer Secretary of the Vegetarian Society by this time]

Officers of the International Vegetarian Union - elected at Sigtuna . . . Vice-Presidents, Mr. James Hough, England; . . . . . . Executive Committee, . . Mr. J. Hough,

During the two-and-a-half years since the opening of the office the Committee members have met as follows:

18th May, 1951, London. U.K. Present: Messrs. Sibly, Hough, . . .
l6th-l8th July, 1951, London : Official Committee meeting. Present : Messrs. Sibly, Hough, . . .
11th, 12th and 13th April, 1952 : Holland. Official Committee meeting. Present : . . ., and Messrs. Hough,

At the meeting of the Executive Committee held on October 12, 1953, in London,Mr. Hough sent Mr. Geoffrey Rudd as his personal representative. For the meeting of May 12, 1954 he sent his apologies for absence.

The 1955 Congress, held in Paris, France:


Officials Elected. The following were re-elected for a two year term of office :- . . . EXECUTIVE- . . . , Mr. James Hough (Great Britain),

Executive Committee - . . . Mr.James Hough (Great Britain);

Mr. Hough was present at the meeting of the Executive Committee on June 30, 1956, in London, and was one of a group of three empowered to appoint a new IVU Secretary following the resignation of the previous salaried secretary.

From the meeting of the Executive Committee, 27th September 1957:

[a new secretary had been appointed by the sub-group including Mr. Hough.] . . . Apologies for absence were received from: - . . ., Mr James Hough

It was agreed that . . . Mr Hough's representation by Mr Rudd be recognised.

Mr Hough and Frau Ecker-Lauer both sent resignations from the Executive Committee which were noted with regret; and these were to be forwarded to the next full congress for acceptance. [no explanation was given]

The 1957 Congress, held in India:

Committee: . . . . Mr.James Hough . . . having resigned,

At present we have no further details of what happened to Mr. Hough, or why he resigned after 34 years involvement with IVU - though he was about 84 years old when he retired!.

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