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Lwere Alexander Kasibante

International Council member 2004-2006
Regional Co-ordinator for Africa 2005- 2006

- photo in the head offices of The National Union of Vegetarians-Uganda.

I am a 37 year old ugandan vegetarian/vegan in its strict sense ie I don't eat meat, poultry, fish or their by-products with or without the use of dairy products/eggs.

I have strictly adhered to the vegetarian life-style for the last 16 years. The National Union of Vegetarians is geared towards uniting all vegetarian groups in uganda under one umbrella and I am currently the Executive Secretary.

I am a licenced Teacher and a professional Journalist with a vast experience of 15 years.

I have successfully promoted vegetarianism/veganism both in through the media and schools. As a Journalist cum Teacher, I have organised seminars, and workshops which entailed vegetable farming skills, vegetable cooking lessons, training of chefs and cooks, distribution of vegetable seeds, distribution of vegetarian information, dietary guidelines and school packages etc.

It suffices to note that more would have been achieved if funds were readily available. The availability of funds and organised Teamwork shall be the the only viable pillar of promoting vegetarianism/veganism not only in Africa but the world at large hence the advancement of IVU.

It should be noted that vegetarianism/veganism is less established in Africa because of lack of an integrated teamwork and funds to keep the activities running. Otherwise I am extra ready to undertake specific responsibilities on behalf of IVU Council provided that the tasks assigned to me are FOR THE PROMOTION OF VEGETARIANISM/VEGANISM ROUND THE GLOBE.