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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council (formerly the Executive Committee)
1963, June 28

28 June 1963
Meeting of the Executive Committee


Present: Marquis de St.Innocent (in Chair) Mr Hiller, Dr G Latto, Dr Nussbaum, Mr Vinkenborg and the General Secretary.

Minutes of the previous meeting not being available to be approved at the next meeting

Secretaries: The re-appointment of the General Secretary and Regional Secretaries was confirmed.

Meetings of the Committee: It was agreed to meet twice a year and the next meeting was fixed for the 10th November 1963 at The Hague. Mr Vinkenborg undertook to book hotel rooms and arrange for a meeting place.

It was agreed that all Committee Members and Officials attending Committee Meetings should pay their own travelling and hotel expenses, except that the General Secretary's expenses should be drawn from IVU funds.

Co-option: The next Congress being in England it was agreed that Mrs Isabel James and Mrs Barabara Latto should be co-opted to act as hostesses and help in organiziing the Congress.

Affiliation fees: The small number of fees received was questioned and the General Secretary said he would make special efforts to induce Societies to pay their dues.

World Congress 1965: The General Secretary said he would start organizing the next Congress on his return to England and hoped to be able to raise funds so that foreign delegates, officially appointed, should enjoy free accommodation. It was agreed that delegates should be under one roof, preferably a College and that a simultaneous translation was essential to avoid the chaos of giving translations after a lecture.

[signed] ?? 1963
{illegible - presumably Kahler]