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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
(formerly the Executive Committee)

1965, September 2

2nd September 1965

Meeting of Executive Committee 18th Congress


Present: The Marquis (in Chair) Mr Hiller, Mrs James, Dr Barabara Latto, Dr Gordon Latto, Dr Nussbaum, Mr Neilson, Dr Robinsohn, Mr Vinkenborg & the General Secretary

Minutes of the precious meeting were read and approved

Appointment of General Secretary. Mr Rudd was asked to continue as General Secretary & accepted the re-appointment.

Affiliation of La Societe Vegetarrieen de Geneve was submitted by Prof de Margette & was welcomed.

Portuguese Vice President. Mr Andre Rodrigues being proposed by the Sociedade Portuguese de Naturalogia the Secretary said he had questioned the two Portuguese factions & had elicited the fact that Mr Rodriguez had been a vegetarian for only two or three months, & that the leader of the Sociedade was not a vegetarian. The nomination was not accepted.

Co-option of Mrs Eikeboom to the Committee was agreed to facilitate the Congress in Holland.

Publicity for the final day should take the form of an announcement of the formation of a Science Council if approved.

Science Council of the International Vegetarian Union
A drafy proposal from a committee formed to establish a Science Council was offered with the proviso that nothing should be done without the approval of the IVU Executive Committee, the draft being amended include this recognition.

Israel & Portugal: it was reported that the President & Secretary were prepared to visit Israel & Portugal to gather information & encourage national gatherings.

Next Committee meeting: the Secretary siad he would keep the Committee fully informed of any developments & it was agreed that unless circumstances warranted it a meeting was not necessary until the end of the next year.