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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
(formerly the Executive Committee)

1971, September 6


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING on 6th Sept. 1971 at The Hague, Holland - Ntherlands Congress Centre

The Executive Committee met for the last time as such, before becoming transformed by the new Constitution into the International Council of the I.V.U., in Room 3104 at 16.00 hours.

PRESENT:- The Marquis F. de St.Innocent (President); Herr Geo Hiller (Dep.President); Dr.G.Latto; Miss H.Nixon; Mrs.W.M.Eikeboom-Brookman. Also present Mr.B.J.Gunn-King (Hon.Gen.Secretary); and Vice-Presidents Mr.J.N.le Grice; Prof.Scott Nearing; Mr N.Neilsen; Mr P.L.Pick.

The minutes of the last Executive Committeee Meeting in Amsterdam Spromg 1970 were passed. The findings of the sub-committee for the Review of the Constitution of I.V.U. were passed with some minor modifications. Expression of gratitude were made to the Sub-Committee of 7, under the chairmanship of Mr.N.John le Grice for their work over the last 2 years.

The nominations for officers were scrutinised i.e. Dr G.Latto and Councillor Mrs I.James for President; Herr Gunnar Hedfers (Sweden) for Vice-Presidentl Mr C.D.Fettes for Hon.Treasurer and Mr W.M.Capper for Hon.Asst.Treasurer (both of Ireland). All these nominations were passed on to the General Meeting of the Congress for election and all but Mrs James were elected.

The proposed, ameneded Constitution was passed to Congress and approved with minor amendments [the following section was later deleted by hand] and 4 Executive Vice-Presidents elected under the new Regional establishment, : MrH.J.Dinshah; Prof Scott Nearing (USA); Mr G.Alberti V.(Venezuela); Dipl.Jul.Fleishanderl (Austria).

Venues for the next Congress were reported as offered by Sweden & South Africa. These were passed to Congress which selected Sweden for the 22nd World Vegetarian Congress in Summer 1973.

Mr Gunn-King reported office equipment and clerical assistance needs for the future which were approved with references to the presented financial statement.

Both this and the state of subscriptions were sent to Congress for approval together with the Secretary's report and the Reports of the Regional Secretaries and Treasurers.

Finally Mr Gunn-King mentioned affiliation negotiations and progress on these; progress of the World Vegetarian Census and B.W.C. Phrase Competition entries which were approved to go to Congress.

Signed: B.J.Gunn-King Hon.General Secretary, 18.4.72

President: - Dr Goredon Latto, 22.4.72