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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1974 February 3

Minutes of International Council Meeting at University of Maine
on 3rd February 1974

[for photos and background text to this meeting see: Planning and Oraganizing from the post-Congress reports]

Present:- Dr.Gordon Latto (President), Prof Scott Nearing (Exec Vice President), Mr.H.J.Dinshah (Exec Vice President), co-opted for the Meeting:- Prof Henry Bailey Stevens and Mr.S.H.Lannio (Hon.Vice Presidents). Observers: - Members of the Board of the North American Vegetarian Society and Mr. John Benoit (Director - University Conference Facilities); Members of the Montreal Conference Organising firm. All present were previously given a conducted tour of the University campus facilities by Mr.Benoit who welcomed and answered all questions posed on arrangements there and each Member of the Council was presented with a sheaf of documents giving staistics about the University.

1. Dr.Gordon Latto took the chair and thanked Members for attending despite the problems involved in timing and the sub-zero weather outside.

2. Apologies for absence were read.

3. The Minutes of the last Council Meeting held at Reso Hotel, Ronneby Brunn, Sweden on 31st July 1973 were read and adopted.

4. Mr Gunn-King read the Hon.General Secretary's and Hon.Treasurer's Reports for I.V.U. H.Q and both were adopted.

5. The rest of the meeting was taken up with discussing the future Congress programme; the facilities offered by the Montreal Conference Organising firm; various costs involved invluding an agreed Registration Fee Scale; printing; publicity; exhibitions, tours etc..

6. The Council was pleased to accept the offer of the NAVS Board to sit in on their subsequent meetings at the University to attempt to finalise matters. The also expressed their delight at the standard of vegetarian catering achieved by the University and the hospitality involved.

7. The date for the next Council Meeting was to be set for the day preceeding the I.V.U. General Meeting at the Congress and at the same time to enable S.C.I.V.U. Meeting to be held with full complement.

To conclude Dr.Latto travelled after the meeting southwards with Prof.Henry Bailey Stevens and gave some valuable interviews to the media on vegetarianism. Mr Gunn-King proceeded north to Toronto at the request of the Vegetarian Association there to give a talk on "Veganic Culture". He stayed at the delightful home of the President Mrs Barbara Jackson and her husband who were most hospitable.

J le Grice
Chiarman 21st Nov 1977