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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1975, August 19

International Council meeting at the University of Maine, Orono,Nr Bangor, Maine USA on Tuseday 19th August 1975 (6pm-7pm)


  1. Welcome from the Chairman and apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the last Council meeting at University of Maine on 3rd February 1974.
  3. Matters arising from those Minutes
  4. Financial Statement to date and list of subscriptions etc.
  5. Applications for Affiliation or Association
  6. Venues for the 24th World Vegetarian Congress in 1977
  7. Any other matters
  8. Time and place of next Council meeting.

Proceedings:- Dr.Latto opened the meeting at the University of Maine, USA on Tuesday 19th August 1975 6-7pm

The minutes of the last meeting of 3rd February 1974 were approved.

The Financial Statement of subscriptions and audit to 31st March 1975 were scrutinised and agreed for referral to Congress.

The Hon.Reg.Sec. & Treasurer's report Reports were noted also the Regional Secretaries Reports.

Applications for affiliation were noted and agreed.

Venues for the next World Congress from Latin America, Japan and the UK were considered and referred to Congress.

The next council meeting was fixed for Spring 1976 in England at whatever venue was selected.