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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1980 May

Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of I.V.U, held at 18b, Munzelerstrasse, Hannover, West Germany, on Saturday, 31st May and Sunday, 1st June,1980

Council Members present:- Dr Gordon Latto (President), Mr Ulrich Schroter (Deputy President), Mr Julius Fleischanderl (Executive Vice President), Mr B. Gunn-King (Executive Vice President), Mr Christopher Fettes (Hon. Treasurer).

Others present:- Mr Rudolf Meyer (Deputy President, Bund fur Lebenserneuerung e.V.), Dr Rudiger Wersich (Interpreter), Mr Maxwell G. Lee (Hon.General Secretary), Mr A.S.Bhamra (Assistant Hon.General Secretary).

1. Chairman's Welcome and Apologies for Absence
The President took the chair and welcomed those present. Apologies had been received from Mrs Eikeboom-Broekman, Mr Bhamgara, Mr J.Dinshah, Mr S. Mehta, Mr. Morkel, Dr.German Alberti Vasques.

2. Minutes
The former Hon.General Secretary, Mr.Brian Gunn-King, brought the minutes to the meeting. The minutes of the International Council Meeting held at Loughborough University on 28th August 1979 were approved subject to the following amendments; Min. 7 "and voting" was deleted from line 12 and "unanimously" was inserted between ~'elected' and "Hon."

The minutes of the General Meeting of Members of I.V.U. held on Wednesday, 29th August were corrected and noted.

3. Matters Arising
Minute 8 It was pointed out that the resolution on subscriptions was subsequently altered by the General Meeting of Members held on 29th August, 1979.

Minute 12 The three applicant Societies had not yet sent in subscriptions so could not be considered as members.

Mr Gunn-King agreed to send the Hon. General Secretary all papers relating to the post of General Secretary which he had not yet sent and in particular the copies of constitutions of Member Societies.

Hon. General Secretary's Report
The General Secretary reported the problems and delays which had arisen in connection with his attempts to obtain all the necessary secretarial files from Mr Gunn-King. Mr Gunn-King suggested certain reasons for the delay but agreed to send all remaining addresses and other items immediately. Since early December when the first group of addresses had been received by Mr Lee from Mr Gunn-King the General Secretary had written 125 letters, made 37 telephone calls, written 5 articles for the magazines of Societies and had one letter printed in a newspaper.

The General Secretary suggested that the financial needs of I.V.U. were less likely to be met due to the lower ceiling in the maxinium amount that Member Societies could pay in their annual subscription. If the work of I.V.U. were to be developed, then a much higher level of Income would be required. The need to encourage donations to I.V.U. was emphasised as one way of achieving the income needed.

It was becoming necessary to review financial arrangements with regional organisations due to the loss of income to I.V.U. It was agreed that an application/renewal form should be used for subscriptions to facilitate the keeping of melnbership information.

The meeting approved the suggestion from the General Secretary that a regular newsletter should be produced to enable him to keep in touch with Members The first issue would appear later in the year and Members were invited to send in suitable news items for it. In addition the General Secretary hoped to develop the link with Members which was available through the "Vegetarian Voice" produced by the North American Vegetarian Society.

5. International Congress in West Germany, 1982
Mr Meyer gave a report of the organisation undertaken so far by the Bund fur Lebenserneuerung e.V, (BL). It was agreed that the next Congress should take place in Ulm, West Germany from Thursday,l2th August to Sunday, 22nd August,1982, The General Secretary would send out advance publicity to Members of I.V.U. in mid 1981. Actual bookings would be made through the German Society which would undertake the organisation of the Congress and accept responsibility for preliminary finance for the Congress.

Anyone wising to give a talk at the Congress would be required to inform the General Secretary by mid 1981 and to provide a brief synopsis of the proposed talk. On receipt of such information a balanced programme could be organised. it was agreed that much more emphasis should be given to public lectures in order to bring vegetarianism more fully to public attention. Also, as a result of a number of requests, more time would be allowed for I.V,U, business and a session would be aranged to give advice to those who were trying to organise vegetarian societies or to societies which are experiencing difficulties.

The Congress will take place in a large conference centre with hotels of varying prices close by. There is a camp site and a youth hostel in the area. At present day prices, the total cost for the ten day period should not exceed 190 for a participant taking all meals and staying in the main hotela It seems likely that an international youth camp will be possible nearby. The question of simultaneous translation would be determined when the likely attendance became clearer

6. Bolivian Musicians
It was agreed that the request for financial assistance to Bolivian musicians to enable them to perform at the Congress should be considered but that no guarantee of such help should be given. Consideration would be given to the proposal when detail of their programme, the numbers involved and the amotrnt of aid required were known.

7. Financial Assistance
A full discussion took place on the principal of paying expenses for International Council members to attend meetings of the International Council. It was agreed that the existing situation should continue and that only the General Secretary should receive expenses. However, where a new regional organisation was being set up, reasonable expenses should be paid out of the funds of I.V.U. Such expenses would be at the discretion of the General Secretary.

8. Proposed International Congress in Chile 1981
The General Secretary reported a request from German Alberti that the regional congress for South America to be held in 1981 should be recognised as a World International Congress. It was felt the International Council should not alter the decision made at the International Congress in Loughborough so the proposal could not be supported. It was suggested that Mr Alberti should submit an application for a future International Congress in South America.

9. Proposed University of Natural Medicine
The General Secretary reported a request from Dr Alberti for support for a university of natural medicine in Latin America. It was decided that there is no possibility of finacial aid from I.V.U. Advice about the possibility of such a university might be obtained from established health clinics and it might be possible to speak about the proposal at the next International Congress.

10. Duties and responsibilities of the Hon. General Secretary
The General Secretary pointed out that his role was not clearly defined in the I.V.U. Constitution. A discussion took place on the role of the General Secretary which revealed varying ideas of what the post entailed. It was agreed that it should be clearly defined in the Constitution and members were asked to send in their idea to the General Secretary who would prepare a wording which could be considered at the next meeting of the International Council.

It was agreed to co-opt the General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary to the International Council.

11. Post of Assistant General Secretary
It was agreed that this should be mentioned in the Constitution. The Hon. General Secretary explained that the Assistant was acting as liason officer with Member Societies and potential Member Societies as he travelled widely on business. Future potential for the post would come with the growth in the activities of I.V.U.

12. Resignation of Hon. Treasurer
Mr Fettes felt that he would prefer to concentrate on his role as Secretary for Europe and resign as Treasurer. Mr Fettes proposed Mr Roger Blessed a qualified accountant who is also Assistant Treasurer of the Vegetarian Society (U.K.) Ltd., as Hon. Treasurer and this was seconded by Mr Gunn-King. The proposal was unanimously approved.
Mr Fettes was thanked for his services as Hon. Treasurer.

13. Financial Report
The Treasurer reported 3,876 in the Bank, 62 in the current account and 3,814 in the deposit account. Membership and Affiliation fees for 1979 had been 483 and donations 426. The Hon. General Secretary and the new Hon. Treasurer were confirmed as cheque signatories. They were authorised to transfer the I.V.U. Bank accounts from Northern Ireland to a convenient Bank in England. The President, Deputy President and Hon. General Secretary were authorised to obtain the services of a suitably located auditor to replace the present firm of auditors, H.B.Brandon, Hodge and Co., which is in Northern Ireland.

14. Membership Report
It was reported that, although a large number of societies had paid their subscriptions for 1979, and a number had paid for 1980, some Members were in arrears with their subcriptions. Unless they were paid such Societies would have to be removed from the membership list.

15. Constitution
It was pointed out that a number of clauses in the Constitution were in need of revision. It was agreed to consider proposed changes at the next meeting of the International Council to enable changes to be made at the 1982 International Congress. International Council members should send suggested changes to the General Secretary by December,1980, so that he can circulate them for comment prior to the July,1981 International Council meeting.

16. Committee for the European Region
The Secretary, Mr Christopher Fettes, reported the action he had taken to develop the European region since the last Congress. This had included a very successful meeting in Luxembourg in March attended by a number of national representatives and the Hon.General Secretary of I.V.U.

It was decided not to impose any particular language on the Committee but to interpret as necessary. A quarterly bulletin would be produced and a questionnaire sent out to obtain relevant information about national and local vegetarian groups. The next meeting of the Committee will be in England in the Spring of 1981 and there would be a small European Congress in 1981 if a suitable venue could be found.

17. Regional Congresses
Reports had been received which suggest that regional congresses will take place in North and South America in 1981. It also seems likely that a congress will take place in Japan It was agreed that member societies should be asked to avoid regional and national congresses in any year when an International Congress is due to take place.

18. S.C.I.V.U.
The Secretary of S.C.I.V.U., Mr Julius Fleischanderl, presented the minutes of the last S.C.I.V.U. annual meeting in Loughborough. He reported that no candidate for the post of Chairman had come forward. All other offices had been filled.

Problems existed over the development of the work of S.C.I.V.U. but the International Council felt that it was most important to do so in the interest of the vegetarian cause. The problems faced by the Vegetarian Society (U.K.) Ltd in issuing the Information Bulletin were explained and it was agreed that, although change was necessary, the Information Bulletin should continue to be produced.

19. Proposed I.V.U. Song
The International Council did not feel that the song received was suitable for I.V.U.

20. Vegetarian Activity in the Developing World
Mr Morkel of South Africa felt that efforts should be made to develop vegetarianism in the Developing World. It was decided that the resources of I.V.U. are not sufficient for any sustained campaign. Local contacts are necessary and it was decided that initial contacts within a continent should be made internally and specific aid sought from I.V.U. to develop the work when development seemed likely.

21. Resources and Information on Vegetarianism in Africa
It was decided that the problems were similar to those mentioned in the previous minute and that it would be better dealt with through communication between vegetarian groups in Africa.

22. International Lectures
It was decided that each case should be considered on its merits and that possible funding might come from the Manker Foundation.

23. I.V.U. Representation on International Bodies
The General Secretary wished to develop a list of suitably qualified persons who could represent the interests of l.V.U. in international bodies such as the United Nations and the European Economic Community. When he has a suitable list of names of people in various fields he would make approaches to obtain representation on appropriate committees. International Council meinbers were asked to investigate and to supply details of suitable people to the General Secretary.

24. Manker International Foundation
The General Secretary reported a letter he had received from Mr Mehta about the Foundation and the success of the appeal in India. The total collected in India was approaching 100,000 rupees. The I.V.U. membership form now invites donations to the fund and the V. S.U.K. is likely to make a sizeable donation from the surplus remaining from the Loughborough International Congress. The International Council felt that the Manker Foundation should prove very valuable in helping to develop the work of I.V.U.

25. Patrons Fund
At present there is 200 in the fund. It was agreed to encourage further support and to use the money to further the aims of I.V.U.

26. Any Other Business
There was no further business.

27. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held in Ulm West Germany, during the weekend of 11th - 12th July 1981. This will enable the International Council to inspect the venue for the 1982 International Congress.