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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1982 July 23


Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of I.V.U. held at the Edwin Scharff-Haus, Neu-Elm, West Germany, 23rd July,1982

Elected Council Member's present:- Dr Gordon Latto, Mr Ulrich Schroter, Mrs Eikeboom-Broekman, Mr C. Fettes, Mr. S. M. Mehta, Dr M. M. Bhamghara, Mr D. Gunn-King, Mr J. Fleischanderl, Dr G. Alberti.

Co-opted Council Members present: Mr M.G.Lee, Mr A. S. Bhamra

Others present: Mr Rudolf Meyer (Deputy President, Bund fur Lebenserneuerung e.V.), Mrs P. Takacs (President, North American Vegetarian Society), Miss A. Kruger (Interpreter)

1. Chairman's Welcome and Apologies for Absence
The President welcomed those present. Apologies had been received from: Mr R. Blessed, Mr W. M. Capper, Mr J. Dinhsah, Mr P. Pick, Mr G. Karolyi.

2. The minutes of the meeting held in Neu-Ulm, 11th & 12th July, were approved with one minor amendmemt to the numbering of minute 4.

3. Matters Arising

Minute 6 It was confirmed that Mr Dinshah had suggested North America as the venue for the 1984 World Congress.

Minute 7 The Hon. General Secretary reported a request from Dr Tania Valencia of Bolivia for I.V.U. to finance four delegates from Bolivia to attend the Congress and that he had informed him that the likely cost would prevent I.V. U. from being able to offer help. His action was confirmed by the International Council.

Minute 12 The General Secretary informed the Council that a leaflet about I.V.U. had been produced and was available at the Congress. The absence of the IVU logo from the leaflet was questioned. The General Secretary agreed to attend to this.

Minute 17 The General Secretary reported further problems that had occured between the Assistant Hon. General Secretary and the German organisers of the Congress over the organisation of a trade exhibition. It was agreed that the Hon.Assistant General Secretary should not have taken the action he did. The International Council regretted that he had caused the situation to arise.

4. The Hon.General Secretary's report
The Hon. General Secretary reported the difficulties he had experienced in trying to develop the work of I.V.U. due to the reluctance of people to take on responsibilities and to reply to correspondence. He stressed the importance of a united effort if I.V.U. Was to progress. He particularly regretted the lack of response to requests for suitably qualified persons to come forward to represent I.V.U. on relevant international bodies. He reported that the newsletters that he had circulated were recieving a good response from member societies and that some were using the material in their own newsletters. He looked forward to growing support for I.V.U. and continued expansion in its activities.

Mr Bhamra commented on problems which had arisen over his role as Hon. Assistant General Secretary. Following discussion it was agreed that the amount of work currently did not justify the additional post of Hon, Assistant General Secretary and that the post should not continue for the time being.

5. Congress Matters

Mr Gunn-King suggested that the death of Dr Richard St Barbe Baker should be marked by the planting of a memorial tree and it was agreed that the German organisers should be asked to try to arrange this at the congress venue.

The General Secretary reported that the Italian Vegetarian Society had agreed to organise a European Congress in August 1983 at Perugia.

It was agreed to hold a period of silence at the beginning of the congress business session in memory of Woodland Kahler, former president of I.V.U., Dr Bichard St Barbe Baker of the Men of the Trees and of others Who had died since the last Congress.

It was noted that Mr Leonard Lasky had left a legacy of $800 and his slide collection to the International Vegeterian Union.

Mr Fettes and Mrs Takacs offered to prepare a list of Congress participants.

The Hon. General Secretary was asked to send a letter of condolonce to Mr Capper who had recently lost his wife.

6. Appointments and Elections

This item was delayed in order to discuss the situation that had arisen due to the decision of the Japanese not to stay for the full Congrees but to leave after three days.

The Japanese had booked for some twenty persons for the whole Congress but had changed the booking about one week before the Congress was due to begin They had requested the return of the amount they had paid above that necessary to pay for the actual period of their stay. It was felt that it would set an undesirable precedent if delegates were able to book and change the arrangements at a very late stage without without financial penalty. In addition the German organising committee did not wish to run the risk of a loss on the Congress. It was stressed that an amicable settlement of the problem was sought by all. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the Japanese should receive back half of the amount under discussion. This would mean 1,500 DM returned. It was agreed that the remaining 1,500 DM should be a donation to the Manker Foundation.

Mr Maxwell G. Lee was re-elected Hon.General Secretary and Mr William Parrott was elected Hon. Treasurer. It was decided that the President, Deputy President, Hon. General Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer should agree the appointment of an Honorary Auditor.

It was agreed not to appoint either an Hon Assistant General Secretary or an Hon. Assistant Treasurer.

The following nominations were recommended to the General Meeting of Member Societies:

Hon. Fellows: Mrs Rakmini Devi Arundale, Herr Geo Miller, Mr Geoffrey Hodson, Mrs Mehra D, Malegamvala, Professor Scott Nearing, Mr Geoffrey Rudd, Mrs Wilhelmina M. Eikeboem-Broekman.

President: Dr Gordon Latto,

Deputy President: Herr Ulrich Shroter

Executive Vice-Presidents: Mr Jay Dinshah, Mr Julius Fleischanderl, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Dr German Alberti Vasques, Mr John Le Grice, Mr Anders Kocken, Herr Rudolf Meyer, Mr M.I. Abdul Khalik.

Hon. Vice-Presidents: Mr Shantilal Mehta, Mr Indirit Jain, Dr rer oec Ralph Bircher, Mr V.H. Dalmia, Dr Ferdinando Delor, Mr Philip T. Pick, H.H. Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, Dr M.Tada, Mr Fred Whittle, Mr Surendra Mehta.

Elected Members of the International Council: Herr Edwin Heller, Mrs Pat Takacs, Mr Moshe Stolov, Mr Jashu C. Shah, Dr H. Burggiabe, Dr Kazinir Chomitz, Mrs Madge Darneille.

Hon. Regional Secretaries: Africa - Mr Jan Beeldman, Australasia - Mr C. Karolyi, Europe - Mr Christopher Fettes, India and the East - Mr S.M. Mehta and Dr N.M. Bhamgara, Latin America - Dr German Alberti, Middle East - Mr Philip Pick, North America - Mr Brian Graff.

It was agreed that Fellows, Hon. Vice-Presidents and Hon. Regional Secretaries who might ask for it, should be provided with a suitably prepared certificate indicating their office.

It was agreed to recommend to the General Assembly of Member Societies that the number of Executive Vice Presidents allowed under clause 4 of the constitution should he increased to a maximum of eight and a minimum of four.

7. Financial Report

The accounts as audited were approved. There was some discussion about the Manker Foundation and it was agreed that the capital and income of the Foundation should be shown separately in the accounts. Mr Mehta explained why audited accounts- were not available for the Manker Foundation funds held in India but agreed to let the General Secretary have these when he returned to India. In addition he explained why certain funds were held in a bank account in Antwerp, Belgium. It was considered that all the funds of the Foundation should be held in either England or India and Mr Mehta, agreed to rectify this as soon as possible. Mr Mehta informed the International Council that $U.S. 10,368.23 were held in Antwerp and Rs Indian l5,841.3l Were held in India,

8. New Members

The list of members prented to the International Council was accepted for membership of IVU.

9. Manker Trophy

It was decided that a small group of three persons should consider who should receive the Manker Trophy at the Congress. Dr Latto, Dr Bhamghara and Mr.Gunn-King were nominated and agreed to present a recommendation to the next meeting of the International Council.

11. Revised Constitution

The propooed revised constitution was accepted subject to the following amendments:-

Clause 2 iii) c) Amend the penultimate two lines to read "Individual members shall not have voting right, unless as a delegate representing a member society, but may be elected to office in IVU and, if elected to the Inernational Council, may vote at meetings of the International Council."

Clause 2 v) Alter "membors" in line, 2 to "delegates".

Clause 3 ii) "spiritual" to be inserted between "the" and "moral" in line 1.

Clause 4 i) After Deputy President in line 2 insert "a maximum of eight and minimum of". Remove the offices of Hon. Assistant General Secretary and Hon. Assistant Treasurer from lines 4 and 5.

Clause 4 ii) "Hon. Vice Presidents" to be inserted in line 1 after "All officers". "and if desired" to be inserted in line 2 after "Hon. Treasurer" and "the" replaced by "an" in lines 2 and 3 of before "Hon, Assistant General Secretary" and "Hon. AssIstant Treasurer".

Clause 5 i) d) Insert "and the President" after Hon. General Secretary in line 2.

Clause 7 vii) Insert "until the next World Congress" after "International Council" in the last line.

14. 1984 World Congress

The General Secretary reported the current situation. Venezuela, Israel and the U.S.A. had been suggested for the 1984 Congress. Dr Alberti felt that Venezuela would not be possible for 1984. The decision about the venue for 1984 was referred to the General Assembly with a recommendation that the offer by the N.A.V.S. for the United States in late July or early August should be accepted.

16. The General Meeting of Member Societies

It was agreed that society reports should be kept very brief in view of the large number of reporting delegates. The resolutions to be considered were noted by the International Council.

In view of the time problem, the remaining agenda items were referred to the next meeting of the International Council to be held on Saturday, 24th July at 2.00 p.m.

Gordon Latto 9/7/83