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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1982 July 24


Minutes of the continued meeting of the International Council (23/7/82) held on Saturday, 27th July, 1982.

Present: Dr Goodon Latto, Mr Ulrich Schroter, Mrs Eikeboom-Broekman, Mr C. Fettes, Mr S.M.Mehta, Dr M.M.Bhamgara, Mr B.Gunn-King, Mr J. Fleischanderl, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mrs P.Takacs, Miss A.Kruger (Interpreter) and Mr M.G.Lee

7. Financial Report

It was agreed that Mr Dick Stafursky and Dr Bhamgara should receive financial suprort with the Congress expenses. It was decided that DM 200 should be paid towards Mr Stafursky's expenses out of the General I.V.U. account, but that $500 (U.S.) should be paid towards Dr Bhamgara's expenses out of the Manker Foundation Funds held in India.

9. Manker Foundation and Trophy

The group appointed to decide the recipient of the Manker Trophy recommended Professor Scott Nearing and this was agreed by the International Council.

10. Patron's Fund

It was agreed to encourage people to apply for admission to the role of Patron.

11. The Revised Constitution

It was resolved to recommend to the General Assembly that "the venue for the 1986 World Congress will be decided by the International Council at its 1983 meeting and that in future the venue for each World Congress will be determined four years in advance whenever possible".

It was agreed that an additional amendment should be made to the revised constitution to allow for this proposal and that the General Assembly should be asked for its approval.

12. S.C.I.V.U.

The Hon. Secretary of S.C.I V.U, Mr Julius Fleisehanderl, reported the problems which the organisation faced. A meeting would be held on 25th July at 2.00 p.m. to consider the problems and a report would be presented to the International Council.

I3. A.0.B.

The date for the next meeting of the International Council was agreed for 2.00 pm on Monday 26th July.

The President thanked members for their services as this was the last meeting of the retiring International Council.

Gordon Latto