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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1984 August


Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of I.V.U. held at the University of Maryland, Catonsville, U.S.A. on the 31st July, 1984.

Present: Dr. Gordon Latto (President), Mr. Jay Dinshah, Mr. John le Grice, Mr. Surendra Mehta, Dr. M.M Bhamgara, Mr. M.I. Abdul Kalik, Mr. Brian Graff, Mr. Jashu Shah, Mrs. Madge Darneille, Miss Melinda Marks, Mrs. Pat Takacs, Mr. Maxwell Lee (Hon. General Secretary), Mr. Tada (observer).

1. Chairman's Welcome

The President welcomed members, commented on the growing interest in vegetarianism and looked forward to a full and varied Congress.

2. Apologies for Absence

Mr. Ulrich Schroter, Mr. William Parrot, Mr. Julius Fleischanderl, Mr. Anders Kocken, Mr. Pudoif Meyer, Mr. Brian Gunn-King, Mr. Edwin Holler, Dr. Hilmar Burggrabe, Mr. George Karolyi, Mr. Philip Pick.

3. Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the international Council meeting held at the University of Maryland, U.S.A. on 9th and 10th July, l983 were approved.

4. Matters Arising

Minute 13 The General Secretary reported that he had received an Auditor's statement for the Manker Foundation funds held in India and that the money held in Antwerp had been transferred to the I.V.U. account in Britain. It was proposed that the Manker Foundation in India should be run by the Indian Vegetarian Congress and decisions made by the Regional Secretaries for India and the East, as money could not be transferred abroad from India and that annual audited accounts should be sent to the General Secretary of I.V.U. if and when money can be transferred from India then all the money held in India shall be transferred to the I.V.U. account. After some dmsccssion the amended resolution was agreed.

Minute 17 The General Secretary reported that he had not received any suggestions or requests for publications so none had been produced.

5. General Secretary's Report

The Hon. General Secretary reported on the growing membership and interest in I.V.U. The major problems he felt still existed were concerned with communication and the functions that I.V.U. should be carrying out. He reported that it was difficult to develop the organisation when some members failed to reply to communications. Also he was not clear how far I.V.U. could or should develop its role beyond the organisation of World Congresses.

There was some discussion of the problems and the general feeling was that we should endeavour to develop I.V.U.'s activities.

6. Financial Report and Re-Appointmen of Auditor

In the absence of the Honorary Treasurer the Hon. General Secretary presented the financial report. The meeting welcomed the enhanced financial position and the financial report was approved.

The International Council was pleased to approve the re-appointment of Mr. James F. Burton as honorary Auditor. His services were very much appreciated.

7. Membership Report

The Hon. General Secretary informed the meeting of the list of Member Societies and Individuals and reported the donations which had been received since the last meeting. The International Council welcomed the growth in support for the Patrons' Fund.

8. Congress Matters

a) General Meeting
The arrangements for the General Meeting were noted.

b) Resolutions
The General Secretary read out the proposed resolutions for the meeting of Member Societies and this was approved.

c) Publicity
Mr. Graff reported the arrangements for both national and local publicity. It was emphasised that transport authorities should be fed information about the Congress so that people arriving at railway stations and airports might obtain relevant information. It was agreed that Melinda Marks should contact the media daily with news about the Congress.

d) Programme
The programme prepared by N.A.V.S. was approved. Some concern was expresed about the number of concurrent items on the programme. However, it was felt that the programme offered ample variety to satisfy all tastes. A problem had arisen over transport for those who were not able to walk around the campus and it was suggested that full information should be made available at meetings about the transport arrangements

e) Ceremonies
It was decided not to hold a tree planting ceremony on this occasion.

f) Elections and Appointments
Mr. Maxwell G. Lee was appointed Hon. General Secretary and Mr. William Parrott Hon. Treasurer for the period until the next World Congress. The meeting agreed to recommend the following for election to the Meeting of Member Societies:-
President - Dr. Gorddn Latto
Deputy President - Dr. Ulrich Schroeter
Hon. Vice-Presidents - Dr. rer eec Ralph Bircher, Mr. V.H. Dalmia, Dr. Ferdinando Dolor, Mr. Philip L. Pick, H.H. Satguru Jaggit Singh Ji Maharaj, Dr. N. Tada, Mr. Fred Whittle, Mr. Surendra N. Mehta, Mr. Shantilal N. Mehta, Mrs. N. Mahalingam, Mr. Inderjit Jam, Mr. Ravji K. Ganatra, Mr. Jay Dinshah.

Executive Vice-Presidents - Mr. Brian Gunn-King, Mr. Anders Kocken, Mr. Rudolf Meyer, Mr. M.I. Abdul Nilalik, Mr. John le Grice, Dr. Alex Hershaft, Mrs Madge Darneille, Mrs. Patricia Takacs.

It was agreed that Mr. Julius Fleischanderl should be added to the previous list of Honorary Fellows.

Elected Members of the International Council - It was agreed te put forward the names of Mr. Edwin Heller, Mr. Jashu Shah, Dr. Hilmar Burggrabe, Dr. Kazimir Schomicz, Miss Melinda Marks, Mr. Milan Maglaic, Miss Jerina Malesevic and Mrs. Nelly Fernandez French.

The International Council agreed that in future the number of Fellows and Hon. Vice-Presidents should be limited to a number of 15 in each category.

g) The Manker Trophy
It was agreed that the President, Mr. John le Grice, and Dr. Bhamgara should recommend who should receive the Manker Trophy. After their deliberation, they recommended that Mrs. Arundale should receive the Trophy in recognition of her work for vegetarianism and animal welfare and this was unanimously approved.

h) Financial Matters
Discussion took place on the relationship between the host societies and I.V.U. over the organisation and finance of World Congresses. It was agreed that as I.V.U. was prepared to make loans to hosts and was in need of as much financial support as possible, that the host country should be invited to make a donation to I.V.U. funds if their Congress was profitable. The General Secretary reported that it had been agreed to make a donation of up to 50 to help with the costs of one delegate from East Germany

9. Regional Congresses
Dr. German Alberti reported that there would be a Latin American Regional Congress in 1985. The General Secretary gave details of the European Region Congress which was being organised by the Italian Vegetarian Society from 25th - 51st August 1985 at Cervia on the Adriatic coast. Mrs. Pat Takacs indicated that N.A.V.S. would hold its Annual Conference in 1985 and Miss Melinda Marks reported that the Vegetarian Information Service holds Annual Conferences.

Mr. Mehta said that the Indian Vegetarian Congress was considering the holding of a Regional Congress.

Discussion of item 10 on the 1986 World Vegetarian Congress was put back to later in the agenda as a representstive of the Yugoslav Vegetarian Society would then be present.

11. 1988 World Vegetarian Congress

It was reported that offers to host the Congress had been received from India and from P.A.F.I.O.C. for a venue in West Africa. It appeared likely that other offers would be made at the meeting of member societies.

It was agreed that World Congresses should be held in July or August whenever possible.

12. Manker International Foundation

It was agreed to continue to encourage support for the Foundation to develop its financial basis. Members agreed that it was desirable to sponsor speaking engagements out of the income of the Manker Foundation.

13. S.C.I.V.U. Report and Future

The General Secretary reported the problems which had continued over the organisation of S.C.I.V.U. Dr. Pellnat now felt it was not possible to continue and this was agreed.

The General Secretary explained that the Vegetarian Society of the U.K. had decided to appoint a part-time research officer for a one year trial period. After some discussion, it was agreed that I.V.U. should provide 1,000 per year to support the endeavour until the next World Vegetarian Congress when the matter would be reviewed. This initiative to be in the interest of promoting the scientific aspects of vegetarianism in the world as I.V.U. is no longer able to continue with S.C.I.V.U. 500 is to be paid out of the income of the Manker Foundation and 500 to be taken out of the general funds of I.V.U.

The rest of the meeting was delayed until after the meeting of member societies to enable newly elected members to attend

Continued Meeting 4/8/84

Present: Dr. Latto, Mr. Khalik, Mr. le Gricce, Mr B. Gunn-King, Mrs. P. Takacs, Mrs. N. Darneille, Dr A. Hershaft, Mr J. Shah, Miss N. Marks, Mr N. Maglaic, Mr J. Beeldman, Mr. S. Mehta, Dr Bhamgara, Dr. G. Alberti, Mr B. Graff and Swami Satchidanandaji (observer).

10. 1986 World Congress

The problems caused by holding meetings of the International Council when members wished to attend programme items were discussed It was agreed that the International Council should meet in future on the first (registration) day of each Congress to avoid programme items and that three periods should be allowed for the General Meeting of Member Societies when there should be no other programme items.

Following some discussion about Congress catering, it was agreed that in future catering arrangements should be approved by I.V.U. in the same way that the programme is subject to approval.

It was agreed that I.V.U. should use up to 500 on financial assistance to delegates attending each World Congress. Finance should come from the Manker Fund if possible but if not, from the general funds of I.V.U. Decisions about recipients to be made by the General Secretary in consultation with the President and/or the Treasurer.

It was agreed that I.V.U. should recommend host countries to consider offering financial assistance to needy official delegates. The need to develop publicity at World Congresses was emphasised.

15. Patrons Fund

The General Secretary reported the growth of the Fund. Members agreed to encourage support of the Fund.

16. Regional Secretaries Reports

The General Secretary read a report on vegetarism activity in Australasia. Mr. Karolyl was attempting to develop interest through a newsletter.

Mr. Beeldman described the problems associated with his position in view of political problems in Africa. Mr. Graff commented on the growth of vegetarianism in North America and the growing number of groups. The General Secretary suggested the importance of Regional Secretaries developing their roles.

15. Reverence for Life Month

The General Secretary reported the differences in attitude in various parts of the world. Members agreed to encourage the development of activities to mark the month.

17. Furthering World Vegetarianism

Dr. Alex HershafL produced a paper suggesting action to develop vegetarian groups/societies in countries lacking such activity. The principles were generally welcomed and it was decided to ask Mrs. Darneille, Miss Marks and Dr Hershaft to develop the proposals in consultation with the General Secretary.

18. Any Other Business

Members from India announced that, after discussion with Indian delegates, they hoped to hold a Regional Congress in India late in 1985. The General Secretary was asked to continue to encourage regions to hold Congresses.

It was agreed to hold the next meeting of the International Council in Dubrovnik immediately following the European Congress in August 1985.

The President thanked members for their attendance and support and thanked N.A.V.S. for organising the Congress.

Gordon Latto