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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1985 August


Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of the International Vegetarian Union held at the Hotel Antony, Cervia, Italy on 30th August, 1985.

Present: Dr Gordon Latto (President), Mr John le Grice, Mr M. I. Abdul Khalik, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Mr Milan Maglaic, Miss Jerina Malesevic, Mr Edwin Heller, Mr Maxwell Lee (Hon.General Secretary).

1. President's Opening Remarks

The President commented on the importance of the meeting and that everyone should be considered to avoid problems. He emphasised the rules of procedure for the meeting. Mr Meyer asked for the World Congress to be considered first but this was not agreed.

2. Apologies for Absence

Mr U. Schroter, Dr H. Burggrabe, Mrs N. Fernandez French, Mrs M.Darneille, Mr W. Parrott, Mr J. Beeldman, Mr G. Karolyi, Mr M.M. Bhamgara, Mr P. Pick and Dr G. Alberti.

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

There were no corrections and the minutes were approved as a correct account of the meeting held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, U.S.A. on 31st July and 4th August durtng the World Congress

4. Matters Arising


5. Hon. General Secretary's Report

A letter had been received from Mrs Nelly Fernandez French concerning the time of year that Congresses are held as she felt that Congresses would prove more popular in July and August. It was agreed that her ideas should be considered when planning future Congresses.

The proposed development of an Australasian Vegetarian Union was reported and approved.

As Dr Jacqueline Andre had been appointed provisional Regional Secretary for Europe she was a full member of the International Council.

The problems of the French vegetarian community at Miers in France was considered but it was decided that the French would need to solve the problems.

A suggestion from Mr Keith Akers of Washington, D.C. that he and others in his area should produce a newsletter for I.V.U. on a quarterly basis was discussed. It was suggested that it might offend the N.A.V.S. as they included I.V.U. news in their publication. Various views were expressed but it was decided to postpone a decision until the World Congress.

The meeting was reminded that nominations would be required for the International Council membership and that all posts were subject to re-election at the World Congress. The Hon. General Secretary suggested that it was time to consider raising the annual subscription rate and it was agreed that the International Council should consider the proposal when it met at the World Congress and make a recommendation to the meeting of Member Societies. It was agreed that annual subscriptions should be considered at each World Congress.

6. Hon Treasurer's Report

The meeting approved the accounts for the previous year. The money held for the Manker Foundation in an account in Antwerp had now been transferred to the I.V.U. account in Britain.

7. Offers of Resignation

The President reported that the Hon. Treasurer had now decided not to resign and the Hon. General Secretary stated that, in view of the letters and comments of support he had received from various parts of the world, he was withdrawing his offer of resignation. After some discussion this was agreed.

8. World Congress, 1986

Considerable concern was expressed at the failure to provide information to publicise the Congress by the organisers Mr Maglaic assured the meeting that all was well and that he was no longer working with the Atlas Travel Agency but had made a workingarrangement with another organisation, He informed the meeting of revised prices which were some 30% lower than those he had previously suggested. The price would be 450 U.S. dollars in a single room, 380 dollars per person in a double room and 195 dollars for a child. The registration fee would be 80 dollars until 1st January, 1986 and 110 dollars until 1st February but 140 dollars after this date. He stated that the Congress was being promoted throughout Yugoslavia on T.V., radio and in the press. In addition many large companies were giving their support.

Mr Maglaic suggested that the Hon. General Secretary had insisted that he should work with Atlas and interfered in his relationship with Atlas. As a result he would not work with the Hon. General Secretary. The accusation was strongly denied by the Hon. General Secretary and concern was expressed at the suggestion that Mr Maglaic would not co-operate with the Hon. General Secretary. It was agreed that the President should liase with Milan Maglaic over the arrangements and keep the Hon. General Secretary fully informed. The Hon. General Secretary reminded the meeting that the programme for the Congress had to be approved by I.V.U. and that a resolution at the last World Congress had been agreed that stated that catering arrangements for World Congresses would require the approval of the Hon. General Secretary.

In view of the lack of time remaining it was agreed only to deal with one other agenda item regional secretaries' expenses.

9. Regional Secretaries' Expenses

It was agreed that the President, Hon. General Secretary and Hon. Treasurer should use their discretion over any requests received.

10. Any Other Business

The meeting agreed that the next meeting of the International Council should be at the beginning of the World Congress. The President declared the meeting closed.