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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1986 March



26th March,1986

PRESENT:- Dr Gordon Latto, Mr John le Grice, Mr Fred Whittle, Mr Abdul Khalik, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mr Brian Gurn-King, Mr Milan Maglaic, Mrs Madge Darneille, Mr Surendra Mehta, Mr Maxwell Lee.

1. President's Opening Remarks

The president welcomed members of the International Council and asked for a short period of Silence in memory of the late Mrs Rukmini Devi Arundale who had been an enthusiastic supporter of I.V.U., an Hon. Fellow as well as a prominent Indian politician.

2. Apologies for Absence

Apologies had been received from Miss Melinda Marks and Jashu Shah, Dr. M. M. Bhamgara, Dr. Hilmar Burggrabe, Mr Ulrich Schroter, Mr William Parrott, Mr Jan Beeloman, Dr German Alberti, Mr Brian Graff, Dr. Alex Hershaft, Mrs Nelly Fernandez French.

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held at the Indian Cultural Centre, Brussels, Belgium on 15th February, 1986 were agreed with the following amendment which was passed with a majority of those present abstaining:- Owing to disagreements with the President, the Hon. General Secretary stated he would not continue in the office after the election at the Congress if the President is re-elected.

4. Matters Arising

Nothing raised.

5. Brussels Resolution

In view of the number attending the Congress it was agreed that the meeting of member societies should take place.

6. General Secretary's Report

The Hon. General Secretary reported on the various events that had occured since the last World Congress. Positive action had resulted in some disagreements between members of the International Council, in particular the President and himself. He emphasised the need for a more positive role for members of the International Council and suggested it might be more effective if there were fewer members. The attitudc of the President of the Yugoslav Vegetarian Society had not been helpful during the run up to the Congress. The Hon. General Secretary had incurred extra expense for his wife's travel to the Congress due to the Yugoslav President not making arrangements for the group flight. It was agreed that I.V.U. should pay the extra expenses incurred. The lack of communication from Yugoslavia had made it very difficult to advertise the Congress and encourage people to attend. Many had not had any reply to their enquiries. Mr Brian Gunn-King suggested that it might put the Hon. General Secretary under an obligation to the organisers if they paid his Congress expenses and it was agreed that I.V.U. should pay the expenses in future.

Mr Gunn-King suggested the meeting of the International Council held in Italy at the European Congress in 1985 should have been held at the venue for the World Congress. It was pointed out the reason was that at that time it seemed unlikely that the Yugoslav Congress would take place. The President and Hon. General Secretary had visited the venue at the Croatia Hotel and discussed matters with the Congress organisers when they had made a lecture tour of Yugoslavia.

It was agreed that in future a meeting of the International Council should be held at a World Congress venue the year before it was due to be held.

7. Financial Report

In the absence of the Hon. Treasurer the Hon. General Secretary presented the financial report. The meeting agreed to accept the report. It was proposed and agreed to recommend the reappointment of Mr Burton as the Hon. Auditor and to thank him for his Services,

8. Membership Report

The state of membership was reported by the Hon. General Secretary and a list presented. The problems which arose over payment which could be direct or through the regions were examined. There was a need to finance many regions to establish the regional organisation.

It was agreed that regions might obtain subscriptions from within the region and pay half the sum obtained to I.V.U. Where societies join I.V.U. directly then I.V.U. may pay up to half the subscjripticn to the region at the discretion of the President, Hon. General Secretary and Hon, Treasurer.

The need for some financial support for Regional Secretaries and members of the International Council to attend meetings of the International Council was discussed. It was agreed that such financial assistance should be at the discretion of the President, Hon, General Secretary and Hon. Treasurer unless the International Council should make a decision from time to time.

9. Congress Matters

The timing of meetings of member societies was agreed. The Hon.General Secretary announced that he had not received any resolutions.

Mr Milan Maglaic reported that information about vegetarianism and the Congress had appeared on television and in the press. It was agreed that the timing of talks should allow for a question session at the end of each talk.

Mr Maglaic reported that both opening and closing ceremonies were being arranged.

It was agreed that Nessrs Mehta, Latto and Le Grice should decide who should receive the Manker Trophy and they later recommended it should be Mr N. John le Grice which was approved.

The meeting approved the submission of new subscription rates to the meeting of Member Soeieties,

10. Appointments

It was agreed to reappoint Mr M. G. Lee as Hon, General Secretary after he had indicated he was prepared to stand again. Mrs Madge Darneille was appointed as Assistant Hon. General Secretary, William Parrott as Hon Treasurer.

11. Regional Congresses

The Hon. General Secretary reported congress plans for Europe and Australasia and that he had heard of the Latin American Congress. Mr Mehta reported that he had hoped to hold a congress in India.

Members expressed concern at the absence of any Mexicans or the Regional Secretary for Latin America to give a report on plans for the 1988 World Congress. It was agreed to ask Joaquin Him to telephone Mexico and Dr German Alberti to obtain some information and to further consider the matter when such-information had been received.

Continuation of the Meeting of the International Council on 31st March, 1986.

PRESENT:- Dr. Gordon Latto, Mr Surendra Mehta, Mr Abdul Khalik, Miss Melinda Marks, Mr Mitch Darer, Mr Joaquin Him, Professor Marcel Hebbelinck, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mrs Ingeborg Natz, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Mr Jan Kucharozyk, Mr Keith Akers, Mrs Madge Darneille, Mr Fred Whittle, Mr Francisco Martin, Mr Maxwell Lee.

The President welcomed the new members of the International Council.

12. 1988 World Congress continued

The responses to the telephone calls by Mr Him were discussed. Due to the concern about the lack of information and firm plans it was agreed that the Hon. General Secretary should respond to the letter coming from Mexico and indicate the need for information to be provided regularly.

In addition, it was agreed-that a visit should be paid to Mexico to seek contact with the Congress organisers and to obtain firm information about their plans. It was agreed that Mr Francisco Martin should join Mr Lee on the visit and that Dr German Alberti should be asked to attend as well if at all possible. Members were asked to send their suggestions for a checklist of questions that would need answering in Mexico to Mr Lee.

13. 1990 World Vegetarian Congress

The Hon. General Secretary reported his discussion with the Israeli representatives The International Council indicated a preference for the Easter period for the Congress and for a coastal location for it.

14. Manker International Foundation

Mr Mehta proposed that 5% of income from Congresses should be given to the Maker Foundation but this was not supported by the meeting. It was agreed that the President should invite donations to the Fund when addressing the closing session of the Congress.

15. Grant for V.S.U.K. Research Post

The Hon. General Secretary reported that the V.S.U.K. had appointed a Researcher on a one year appointment. Mrs Darneille proposed that I.V.U. should agree to continue support for the post-until the next World Congress when the matter would be reviewed. She proposed that 500 should be paid from the Manker Foundation and that 500 should come from the general funds of I.V.U. and these proposals were agreed.

16. Patrons' Fund

The Hon. General Secretary commented on the numbers who had applied to become Patrons and asked International Council members to encourage members of their Societies to apply.

17. Regional Secretaries' Reports

These had been given in the General Meeting of Member Societies.

18. Constitution

There was a feeling that the Constitution should be reviewed and members were asked to send their proposals for changes to the Hon General Secretary who would circulate them for consideration at the next World Congress.

19. Size and Membership of the International Council

Some people felt that the International Council might be reduced in size and still be effective. It was agreed that members should send the Hon. General Secretary their ideas for changes so that he could produce a report for a future meeting of the International Council.

20. Report of Group Set Up to Develop Vegetarian Activity

No report had been submitted.

21. I.V.U. Newsletter

The Hon. General Secretary reported that he would be happy to accept the kind offer of Mrs Madge Darneille and Mr Keith Akers to undertake the production of the I.V.U. Newsletter. The International Council agreed that it would be willing to pay the reasonable expenses for this and expressed gratitude for the offer.

22. Election of Regional Secretaries

It was emphasised that it was the duty of each region to ensure that a suitable person is elected to the position and that I.V.U. should only act where there was no regional organisation to undertake the task.

23. Financing Regional Activity

It was agreed that each region was responsible for financing its own activity. However, I.V.U. might offer assistance where necessary as agreed earlier in the meeting.

24. I.V.U.'s Future

Members were asked to send any ideas they might have for the future development of I.V.U. to either Mrs Madge Darneille or Miss Melinda Marks. They could then provide a report for a future meeting of the International Council.

25. Any Other Business

There was a wish for Regional Secretaries to be given financialsupport to attend meetings of the International Council. It was agreed that the President, Hon. General Secretary and the Hon. Treasurer should consider any requests and make a decision.

The Hon. General Secretary reported that it was not possible to sell I.V.U. badges at the Congress as the Yugoslav organisers had produced a version of the badge which they were selling. It was agreed that in future no use of the symbol should occur without the approval of I.V.U and that this would not include the production of badges for sale using the I.V.U. emblem.

Tipping would be organised by passing a basket around for participants to put their donations in.

Mr Brian Gunn-King would organise the tree planting ceremony that had been agreed.

It was agreed that a donation might be given to the Yugoslav Vegetarian Society towards the expected deficit. The amount to be determined when he degree of the problem was known. It would also be subject to the Yugoslav Society accepting new members and being run according to the principles of IVU.

It was decided that Professor Marcel Hebbelinck, Mr Keith Akers and Mr Jan Kucharczyk should meet with the Yugoslav Congres organisers to discuss their relationship with I.V.U. and to report back to the next meeting of the International Council.

Continuation of the Meeting of the International Council on 1st April, 1986.

PRESENT:- Dr Gordon Latto, Mr Keith Akers, Professor Marcel Hebbelinck, Mr Jan Kucharczyk, Miss Melinda Marks, Mr Francisco Martin, Mr Joaquin Him, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mrs Ingeborg Natz, Mrs Madge Darneille, Mr Fred Whittle, Mr Surendra Mehta, Mr Mitch Darer, Mr Maxwel Lee.

The group that had met the Yugoslav organisers made a report of how they saw the probelms which had arisen over the Congress organisation. Attempts were being made to recover some of the amounts outstanding from people who had received excessive hospitality and to reduce the amount owing to Atlas and the hotel. Thanks were expressed to the group that had met with the Yugoslavs,

Mr Rudolf Meyer reported that the Vegetarier Bund Deutschlands was paying for three delegates from East Germany to register for the Congress and it was also announced that I.V.U. was paying for one additional person.

A discussion took place with some of the Yugoslav organisers of the Congress during which some of the problems which had been encountered over the Congress organisation were considered as well as their relationship with I.V.U. Methods of meeting the debt were considered and conditions for I.V.U. support were explained.

Continuation of the Meeting of the International Council in the evening of 1st April, 1Q86

PRESENT: - Mr Francisco Martin, Mr Jan Kucharczyl, Mr Abdul Khatik, Mr Fred Whittle, Mr Brian Gunn-King, Mr Joaquin Him, Miss Melinda Marks, Mr Mitch Darer, Professor Marcel Hebbelinek, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mrs Ingeborg Natz, Mrs Madge Darneille, Mr Maxwell Lee.

It was agreed that the President, Hon. General Secretary and Hon. Treasurer should decide the level of financial assistance that should be given to the Yugoslav Society in the light of the information received in respect of the conditions previously agreed by the International Council.

It was agreed that Mr Francisco Martin should accompany the Hon. General Secretary on his visit to Mexico should Dr German Alberti not be able to attend.

Mr Mitch Darer proposed that I.V.U should lend its support to opposition to irradiation and that - the Hon.General Secretary should send a letter of Support for the Campaign in the U.S.A. and this was agreed.

Another meeting took place of some members of the International Council concerning relationships within I.V.U. but no minutes are available of this meeting.