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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1989 April

Minutes of a Meeting of members of the International Council and represetatives of the Israeli Vegetarian Society at the Kfar Maccabiah Hotel, Ramat Gan, Israel on 1st April, 1989.

PRESENT - Mr S. Epstein, Mr D. Glikson, Mr S. Gandi, Mr & Mrs M. Lee, Mr J. Shah, Mr R. Snijders, Mr D. Nachum, Mrs S. Wohlfeiler (Unitours).

1. Election of Chairman

Mr M. Lee was elected as chairman.

2. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Dr Latto, Mr 2. Meyer, Professor M. Hebbelinck, Mrs M. Darneille, Mr B. Gunn-King, Mr P. Pick, Mr W. Parrott, Mr S. Mehta, Mr K. Akers, Mr A. Khalik, Miss M.Marks, Mr E. Heller, Mr M.Darer, Mr J. Him, Mr F. Martin, Mrs I. Natz, Mr J. Beeldman.

3. World Congress 1990

a. It was agreed that the dates should be 17th - 24th April, l99O. Congress sessions to be on 18th & 19th April (a.m. only on 19th). Tours and visits on 20th & 21st April. Further congress sessions on 22nd & 23rd April.

b. The accommodation in the hotel and the meeting rooms and other facilities were inspected and found to be very good. It was agreed that a large hall was needed for the plenary sessions, at least two or three rooms at any one time for Council meetings, other small meetings and workshops.

c. Eglish will be the official language of the congress. The Israelis indicated they would expect all Israeli participants to speak English. Mr Lee pointed out it was I.V.U. policy to provide for any language group with at least thirty participants and that this would need to be considered and simultaneous translation provided for such groups.

d. The importance of extensive publicity was emphasised. Unitours, acting on behalf of the Israeli Vegetarian Society would issue publicity material to I.V.U. members and other suitable organisations around the world. I.V.U. would also issue as much publicity as possible. Media publicity in Israel was discussed and it was suggested that journalists from press, radio and television should be invited for a meal early in the congress to encourage publicity. All present agreed to give their support to publicity efforts.

e. Mr Lee indicated that I.V.U. was responsible for the business meetings, for approving the programme and the catering arrangements.

f. The organisers are responsible for the budget, invitations, developing the programme, publicity, excursions and running the congress.

g. Funding the congress is the responsibility of the organisers but that should need arise, I.V.U. might be able to help with a small loan. It was agreed that registration fees for Israelis and people fron overseas should be the same.

h. Any loss on the congress is the responsibility of the organisers. I.V.U. would appreciate a donation if a profit is made.

i. Unitours would offer a number of tours for participants both before and after the congress.

j. Mr Lee indicated that there are normally several ceremonies at congresses. He suggested making a major event of tree planting. Hopefully, the Kfar Maccabiah Centre will allow a tree planting in their grounds. He also suggested that participants might like to donate to pay for a tree to be planted in one of Israel's forest developments. Suitable comemorative plates could be placed to mark both plantings. Other ceremonies should be at the beginning and end of the congress. The mayor of Pamat Can should be invited to the opening ceremony. A further ceremony would be the presentation of the Maker Trophy awarded for services to vegetarianism in memory of Shri Nanker who was a leader of the Indian vegetarian movement.

k. The general meeting of I.V.U. member societies would take place in the main auditorium. All could attend but only delegates are entitled to vote. Two or three three hour sessions would be needed for the I.V.U. General Meetings.

l. It was agreed the programme should contain talks, workshops, discussions, demonstrations and social events. There will be a circular sent out about July or August. When responses have come in the programme would be put together. Mr Lee emphasised the need to cater for a variety of interests and to avoid too much on health aspects. In particular attention needed to be given to both moral and economic aspects of vegetarianism. Mr Lee presented some ideas from Mr R. Meyer. International Council members were asked to supply their suggestions for speakers etc. It was agreed that some attention needed to be given to both vegetarian and vegan cookery as well as nutrition. Workshops and discussion groups should cater for a wide variety of interests and the programme should allow for several to run parallel to each other. The final programme would be approved by Mr Lee on behalf of I.V.U. A suggested theme for the congress was "Towards a moral healthy world in 2000."

m. Mr Lee pointed out that it was essential that the catering arrangements should be suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Mr Snijders suggested that food should be clearly marked as vegetarian or vegan.

n. There will be two or three meetings of the International Council during the congress and a room which holds up to thirty persons would be needed. The first meeting will be on the first day of the congress. There would need to be flexibility over the availability of rooms.

o. Display and sales areas would be needed. The Israelis hope to raise money from rents for stalls. Organisations would be invited to write in to reserve exhibition and sales space.

p. It was suggested that envelopes and letterheads should be green for the congress

q. The possibility of financial help for needy delegates would be considered by the Israelis when they have some idea of the degree of support for the congress. However, they could not promise such help.

4. International Council Meeting August, 1989

This meeting will be held in Strasbourg and it will consider the arrangements for the congress and its prograimme. Available publicity material will be distributed.

5. Matters raised by the Israeli vegetarians

The Israelis wish to approach regional secretaries and member societies for suggestions for lecturers and subjects. Messrs Lee, Shah and Snijders agreed to do their best to find suitable lecturers etc.

6. The role of I.V.U. officers

I.V.U. officers will help with the oversight of the congress, will chair sessions as required, support the organisers as neeced and provide publicity as and when possible.

7. Any other business

Mr Lee thanked the Israelis for their efforts and hoped that the Congress would be great success.