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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1989 August


Minutes of a meeting of the International Council of the International Vegetarian Union held at the Cultural Centre, Ostwald, Strasbourg, France on 14th August,1989.

Dr.Gordon Latto, Mrs Ingeborg Natz, Mrs Madge Darneille, Professor Marcel Hebbelinck, Messrs Surendra Mehta, Edwin Heller, Francisco Martin, Rudolf Meyer, Rob Snijders, Brian Gunn-King, Anders Kocken, Maxwell Lee.

The President welcomed everyone and suggested all should work together for the good of the cause.

Mrs Melinda Marks, Dr.M.M. Bhamgara, Messrs Abdul Khalik, Jan Beeldman, Joaquin Him, Keith Akers, Mitch Darer, Brian Graff, Alex Hershaft, William Parrott, Philip Pick.

The minutes of the meeting of the International Council held at the Hotel Fiesta Americana, Guadalajara, Mexico on 1st and 2nd August,1987, were approved.

There was a discussion over the problems that had arisen over the attempt to arrange the Congress and it was regretted that the local problems had prevented the Congress being held.

The "minutes" of a meeting of members of the International Council and representatives of the Israeli Vegetarian Society at the Kfar Maccabiah Hotel, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel, on 1st April,1989, were approved.

The question of security and safety was discussed. It was emphasised that the decision about the dates for the Congress was the responsibility of the Israelis.

The meeting of the International Council was suspended in order to hold a meeting with Mrs Sara Wohlfeiler the representative of Unitours who were organising the Congress for the Israeli Vegetarian Society. A number of matters relating to the organisation of the Congress was discussed. Particular items covered were security, travel arrangements, inviting keynote speakers for whom I.V.U. would pay the registration fee and one night's stay at the Congress. It was agreed that the Israelis would pay this cost if there were 300 participants. There was a request that I.V.U. should receive a donation from any Congress profits and Mrs Wohlfeiler agreed that this would be considered if there were sufficient participant registration fees. It was confirmed that the Hon. General Secretary would have to approve the programme and the menu proposals.

The Hon. General Secretary reported the negotiations with the Israelis over the Congress arrangements.

He expressed concern about the lack of communication from some members of the International Council.

An offer of a very large legacy had caused the Hon. General Secretary and Hon. Treasurer to employ & lawyer in Paris to investigate the offer. In addition, the Hon. General Secretary had travelled to Paris to investigate the matter. However, it transpired that the person who had made the written offer of a large legacy was not of sound mind and was very unlikely to have assets of the value he had suggested. He failed to come to arranged meetings.

The Hon. General Secretary informed members that he was visiting Australia in July and August, 1990. It was agreed that I.V.U. should pay up to 500 towards his costs should he visit Australian vegetarian groups and undertake a lecture programme. Should the sum prove insufficient, it was suggested he should ask for an additional sum.

9. Financial Report and Accounts
The annual accounts for the years ending 31st March,1988 and 31st March,1989, were discussed and approved.

10. Membership Report
The meeting received the membership list. The Hon. General Secretary reported the problems experienced in trying to obtain annual subscriptions when there is no congress being held.

11. Regional Congresses
Europe - as the meeting was being held during the European Congress, no report was given.

North America - there had been a Congress at Arcata, California attended by some 200 people. Keith Akers had been re-elected as Regional Secretary. Peter McQueen of Toronto had been elected President.

Australasia - A Congress weekend had been held but no report received.

India and the East - Mr.Mehta reported that a very successful Congress had been held in Madras and attended by some 1,000 people despite some very bad weather nationally. A wide-ranging programme had been arranged.

Africa - a national meeting had been held in South Africa but, due to political problems, no regional congress had been possible.

Latin America - no communcation had been received from the Regional Secretary, Dr German Alberti, since the International Council meeting held in Mexico which he attended.

12. World Congress, 1992
Mr.Mehta offered India as a venue and there was also an offer from Portugal. Lack of contact with the Portuguese for many years made it difficult to assess the potential of the offer. Council agreed to accept the offer from India and to recommend the meeting of member societies to ratify the decision.

13. World Congress, 1994
Mr Rob Snijders, Secretary of the Dutch Vegetarian Society explained why the Netherlands wished to host the 1994 World Vegetarian Congress. It was agreed to strongly recommend to the meeting of member societies at the congress in Israel to accept the offer from The Netherlands.

14. Reports of Regional Secretaries
These had already been given under item 10 on the agenda.

15. I. V. U. Newsletter
The Hon. General Secretary reported that he would be editing the next Newsletter and invited contributions to it. He thanked Madge Darneille, Keith Akers and their helpers for all their efforts in producing Newsletters since the last Congress.

16. Constitution
The meeting considered the paper produced by the Hon. General Secretary on a major revision of the Constitution. It was agreed that a sub-committee consisting of Mr Rudolf Meyer, Professor Marcel Hebbelinck and the Hon. General Secretary should review the Constitution and make proposals on the composition of the International Council. Members were asked to send any suggestions to Mr Rudolf Meyer.

17. Elections and Appointments, 1990
The Hon. General Secretary asked members to consider possible candidates for all positions. He asked members to let him know whether they wished to stand for re-election.

18. Any Other Business
Mr Anders Kocken and Ar Abdul Khalik indicated that they would not be attending the Congress in Israel. The President thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

Sri Mehta