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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1991 July



Minutes of meetings of the International Council of I.V.U. held during the World Vegetarian Congress at Chester College, England on 28th & 29th July, 1991.

Meeting held 28th July


Mr Surendra Mehta (President), Professor Marcel Hebbelinck (Deputy President), Mrs M. Darneille (Hon. Assistant General Secretary) , Mrs I. Natz, Messrs W. Parrott (Hon. Treasurer), J. Shah, M.I.A. Khalik, P. Pick, R. Snuders, A. Hershaft, B. Gunn-King, F. Martin, J. Lee, M. G. Lee (Hon. General Secretary)

In Attendance:- Mr P. McQueen (representing V.U.N.A.).


Apologies had been received from Mr K. Akers, Dr C. Latto, Mr R. Meyer, Mr J. Beeldman, Mr J. Him, Mrs M. Breuker.

1. President's Opening Remarks

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting and commented on the need for all to work together for the good of the cause. He mentioned the growth of new societies, particularly in Eastern Europe, and felt that I.V.U. should do its best to help their development. He hoped shortly to obtain a further U.S.$ 10,000 to help with this and other work being done by our organisation. He felt we should aim to keep up our progress and mentioned that he and the Hon. General Secretary were in close working contact.

2. Apologies for Absence

Dr. C. Latto, Mrs M. Breuker, Messrs K. Akers, R. Meyer, J. Beeldman, J. Him.

3. Minutes of the Meeting Held l7th-24th April.1990. Ramat Gan, Israel

The minutes were approved without amendment.

4. Matters Arising

Item 6 - The Hon. General Secretary reported that he had no news from Dr German Alberti of Venezuela.

Item 13 - It was reported that the meeting of member societies in Israel had elected Surendra Mehta as President and Professor Marcel Hebbelink as Deputy President.

Item 16 - It was suggested that a report on congress organisation would be useful and Alex Hershaft agreed to help with this.

Members liked to receive Newsletters and it was agreed that the frequency might be increased. Societies might publish the material in their own languages.

Philip Pick suggested that more material for publication might be supplied to societies.

Item 25 - The Hon. General Secretary reported that he had not been able to go to India as previously planned but hoped to do so in order to discuss congress arrangements with the Indian organisers.

5. Minutes of the Meeting of Member Societies held during the Congress held at the Kfar Maccabiah Centre. Tel Aviv from 17th -24th April,1990.

The Minutes were approved and it was agreed that they should be presented to the meeting of member societies at the congress in India.

6. Matters Arising

There were no matters raised.

7. Hon. General Secretary's Report

The Hon. General Secretary reported that he had now retired from his occupation and hoped to be able to devote more time to I.V.U. matters. He reported on the difficulties he faced in running I.V.U. without proper funding. It was impossible to employ staff and the sums of money available were as yet insufficient to help the development of new vegetarian movements in various parts of the world as fully as was desirable. He paid tribute to the fund set up by the President which was enabling quite a lot of useful work to be undertaken. It was agreed that the future funding of I.V.U. and the Secretariat should be on the next agenda. Members were asked to come to the next meeting with ideas for funding.

The Hon. General Secretary reported that he was very disappointed with the results of I.V.U. sending Vic Forsythe of Los Angeles to South America to make contact with vegetarian societies. He had not done as asked and the results had been rather neagative. An invitation from the new Czechoslovakian vegetarian Society had resulted in a lecture tour in which he had addressed meetings in various parts of the country and given interviews to the media - press, radio and television. The results looked very promising for the future of the vegetarian movement there. He hoped to respond positively to any further such invitations. Correspondence had been maintained with all parts of the world. Attempts to obtain representation on world advisory bodies were continuing. Council agreed that the Hon. General Secretary should purchase a telephone/fax machine which also offered an answerphone facility.

The Hon Treasurer presented the accounts for the year to 31st March, 1991. He reported the growth of expenditure resulting from increased activity, particularly due to the financial help given to emerging vegetarian societies in Eastern Europe. He warned of some decline in income due to lower U.K. interest rates but said the fund set up by the President would make the funding of increased activity much easier. Total expenditure for the year was 3,140.73 but income was 5,311.94 . As a result 2,171.21 had been added to the Accumulated Fund. Total assets amounted to 44,522.16 at the end of the financial year. The Hon. Treasurer announced that he would not offer himself for re-election at the next congress. It was agreed that the Hon. General Secretary should seek a successor in Britain.

The Hon. Treasurer was asked to produce a list of grants made each year and a schedule of investments for the next meeting of the International Council. Members expressed a vote of thanks to the Hon. Treasurer for his efforts over the years.

9. Membership Report

The Hon. General Secretary presented the list of member societies and individual members. He reported that the figure for membership represented those which had paid directly to I.V.U. Quite a large number now paid their membership subscriptions either to E.V.U. or V.U.N.A.. I.V.U. was eligible to receive half the sum received for each member. The report was approved.

10. Regional Congresses

It was reported that there was to be a V.U.N.A. congress in Denver, Colorado from 7th-l1th August. It was agreed to thank the V.S.U.K. for hosting the current congress on behalf of E.V.U. No other regional congresses had been reported. It was suggested that a calendar of events should be published in the Newsletter.

Rob Snijders reported that E.V.U. was going quite well with an increasing number of members, especially from Eastern Europe. Following proposals from East European vegetarian societies, it was agreed that I.V.U. should not get involved in commercial activities in these countries.

John Lee reported that the main current focus in Australasia was the development of the new magazine which had achieved a print run of 4,000 copies. The New Zealand Vegetarian Society was considering participating in the project. Membership was increasing. The Hon. General Secretary reported he had been invited to go to New Zealand in connection with the 50th anniversary of the vegetarian society. It was agreed that a decision on this should rest with the normal executive decision making system.

Jashu Shah reported that there was little contact with the East. He said the main activity was concerned with preparations for the next world congress.

Peter Mc Queen reporting on behalf of the regional secretary said they had some difficulty getting membership subscriptions. They had now registered as a charity so enjoyed some tax advantages. Some changes in the composition of the regional council had affected their progress. They were preparing for their regional congress.

11. World Congress 1992-3

a) Venues discussion centred on which cities should he included. It was agreed that there should be a scientific meeting in New Delhi prior to the congress but that it would not form part of the congress. The congress should be held in one city and I.V.U.'s business sessions should be held at the congress venue. It was agreed to cancel the decision taken in Israel over the congress timing and accept that the congress should be for six consecutive days at one venue with the timing of the congress to be decided by the organisers.

b) Meeting facilities - It was agreed that the Hon. General Secretary and Marcel Hebbelinck should visit Madras to inspect the facilities and approve them. Should Marcel Hebbelinck not be able to go, then Francisco Martin should replace him.

c) Hotel accommodation - It was agreed that a range of prices should be available. The Hon. General Secretary and Marcel Hebbelinck should inspect the hotels.

d) Registration fee - It was agreed that the registration fee should be $120 up to three months before the congress and that after this it should be raised to $150.

Meeting held 29th July,l991

Present: Mr Surendra Mehta (President), Professor Marcel Hebbelinck (Deputy President), Mrs M. Darneille (Hon. Assistant Secretary), Mrs I. Natz, Messrs R. Snijders, J. Shah, A. Hershaft, B. Gunn-King, F. Martin, J. Lee, P. Pick, M.G. Lee (Hon. General Secretary).

Apologies Messrs W. Parrott, M. I. A. Khalik, Dr C. Latto, K.Akers, R.Meyer, J. Beeldman, J. Him, Mrs M Breuker.

e) Organisers' responsibilities - it was agreed to keep to the decision made the previous day and to only have the congress at one venue. The Hon. General Secretary was to approve the programme and the catering menus.

f) I.V.U.'s responsibilities - apart from approving the arrangements, I.V.U. needed to endeavour to maximise the publicity for the congress and to encourage attendance. It was also responsible for approving the arrangements.

g) Programme - it should offer a range of lectures and workshops. Videos and slide shows might also be featured. Entertainment including musical events should be encouraged. Tourist visits should be arranged to a variety of venues.

h) Period of congress and dates - previously decided.

i) Holiday extension a range of excursions will be provided.

j) Ceremonies It was agreed that there should be a tree planting ceremony to mark the congress.

k) Financial matters - The Indian Vegetarian Congress is responsible for finance. Should a profit be made, I.V.U. would welcome a donation to its funds. The organisers were asked to keep the costs to the minimum necessary. They were asked to provide a special rate for Council members and try to ensure they are all accommodated in the same hotel.

l) I.V.U. General Meeting Two three hour periods should be provided with a third session available should it become necessary.

m) Catering - It was agreed meals should be suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and that both Western and Indian tastes should be catered for.

n) Other Matters - it was agreed that hotels should be asked to provide cruelty free items i.e. soap etc.

12. World Congress 1994

Rob Snijders reported that arrangements were developing well and that they have produced a brochure to publicise the congress. They would like to have a number of keynote speakers with a view to attracting non vegetarians to attend the lectures.

13. World Congress,1996

It was agreed that offers to host the congress should be invited.

14. Revised Constitution

Council agreed that the revised constitution should be presented to the meeting of member societies at the Indian Congress for their consideration.

15. Any Other Business

In view of the confusion that could result from organisations joining a regional body rather than I.V.U. directly, it was agreed that in future members of regional organisations shall be deemed members of I.V.U. and vice versa.

It was felt that young people should be encouraged to become interested in I.V.U. The meeting agreed that S.C.I.V.U. should be started again as soon as possible.

There was a request for an annual update of members of I.V.U. to be supplied to International Council members.

The V.S.U.K. was thanked for providing accommodation for the International Council meeting.

The business having been completed, the president thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed.

Sri Mehta