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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1994 August



Minutes of meetings of the International Council of I. V.U. held at various times during the World Vegetarian Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands, from 7th - 13th August, 1994.

Meeting held 7th August 1994

Present: Mr Surendra Mehta, Professor Marcel Hebbelinck, Mr Joaquin Him, Mr Francisco Martin, Mr Rudolf Meyer, Mrs Hildegund Scholvein, Ms Diana Ratnagar, Mr Jashu Shah, Mr Rob Snijders, Mr Mark Berriman, Mrs Madge Darneille, Dr Alex Hershaff, Mr Joaquin Him, Mr Maxwell Lee, Mr Hans van Boven (first few minutes).

Apologies: See minute 2 below.

Meeting held 11th August 1994 Agenda items covered are shown by an asterisk *

Present: Mr Surendra Mehta, Professor Marcel Hebbelinek, Mrs Madge Darneille, Mrs Kathy Silk, Dr Igor Bukovsky, Mrs Hildegund Scholvein, Mr Mark Berriman, Mr Jashu Shah, Ms Julia Jacquel, Dr Riccardo Trespidi, Mr Francisco Martin, Dr Alex Hershaft, Mr Maxwell Lee, Mr Saurabh Dalal.

Apologies: Ms Diana Ratnagar, Mr Rob Snijders, Mr Jan Beeldman, Mr Mark Weintraub, Mr Bernard Colvin.

Meeting held 12th August 1994 Agenda items covered are shown by two asterisks **

Present: As 11th August plus Ms Diana Ratnagar

Apologies: Mr Rob Snijders, Mr Mark Weintraub, Mr Jan Beeldman, Mr Bernard Colvin.

1. President's Welcome and Opening Remarks

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting and emphasised our purpose to develop the world vegetarian movement and to raise the awareness of young people about vegetarianism. His main aim during the past four years had been to further the vegetarian cause.

2. Apologies

Apologies had been received from Mr Bernard Colvin, Mr Mark Weintraub, Mr Gianbattista Montagna and Mr Jan Beeldman.

3. Minutes of the Meetings Held During the World Congress in Madras India from 5th - 10th January 1993.

Minute 20 was amended to read Scientific Council of the International Vegetarian Union instead of SCIVU and approved as amended,

4. Matters Arising

Minute 9. The previous decision taken between meetings to appoint Mr Ray Drake as Hon. Auditor for the 1993-94 accounts, in place of Mr William Parrott, who had been unable to continue in the post, was ratified.

Minute 21 The change in date of the meeting of the International Council, due to the revised dates for the congress, was ratified,

5. Hon. General Secretary's Report

The Hon. General Secretary's written report was approved. He reported that the computer and printer, the purchase of which had been approved at the meeting in Madras, had now been purchased at a cost of about 1,400. It was proving a great asset. The old computer was being retained for the time being but would be sold, if possible, at some time in the future. The various lecture tours undertaken by the Hon.General Secretary on behalf of I.V.U. were detailed. These covered visits to the United States, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Poland and Lithuania. He reported the visit to Antwerp with the President which resulted in considerable financial support from vegetarian Indian diamond merchants there. The general administrative work was continuing to expand as the vegetarian movement and interest in vegetarianism grew such medical studies as the Oxford study, which had lasted more than ten years and showed that vegetarians were less likely to suffer from cancer, and similar scientific studies in other countries, were leading to growing interest in vegetarianism. A similar German report was mentioned and the Hon. General Secretary said he would welcome a copy of the report in English so that he could use it in the newsletter. Members were reminded that the Hon. General Secretary had told the International Council when it met in Madras that he wished to retire from the post by 1996. He emphasised the need to find a suitable replacement by the congress in Sydney, Australia. Ideally the International Council needed to look towards a full time employed General Secretary, but there would need to be a considerable increase in I.V.U.'s resources before this could happen.

6. Hon. Treasurer's Report & Accounts - 1992/3 and 1993/4

In the absence of the Hon. Treasurer, the Hon. General Secretary presented the accounts and report. The accounts for the year 1992/3 showed year end net assets of 3 8,307. Expenditure during the year had exceeded income by 4,637 which was at least partly due to the cost associated with the congress preparation. The accounts for the year 1993/4 showed year end net assets of 56,010. Largely due to the donations from Antwerp diamond merchants there was an excess of income over expenditure of 18,004. Lower interest rates and bank balances led to a fall in "other income". The major change in the balance sheet for 1993/4 was the 30,000 increase in investments. This was achieved through reducing Cash at bank by 10,000 and the increase in the accumulated flinds of 18,000. The meeting approved the accounts for both years including the statement of Council's Responsibilities and thanked the Hon. Treasurer and the Hon. Auditor for their work.

It was agreed to accept the recommendation of the Hon. Treasurer not to show income and expenditure by funds (in the income and expenditure accounts) but to continue to show total income and total expenditure for each fund in the balance sheet.

It was suggested and agreed that the Hon. General Secretary should consider with the Hon.Treasurer the possible consolidation of funds in the accounts.

Mr Jashu Shah reported that he needed to open a bank account in Bombay as regional secretary for India and the East. As required by the bank, it was formally agreed that Mr J.Shah be authorised to open and operate an account as regional secretary for India and the East at the Bombay State Bank of Mysore in the name of IVU. It was agreed that this account should be completely separate from the I.V.U. accounts

7. World Congress Report on Arrangements

The Hon. General Secretary presented a paper reporting the problems which had occurred over the planning and organisation of the congress. It was agreed that, in future, should there be serious problems over the organisation of a congress and I.V.U.'s role not be respected, then the International Council members should be consulted with a view to withdrawing I.V.U. support for the congress.

8. Membership Report

The list of subscriptions was approved with the following amendments:

a. The Indian Vegetarian Congress had paid US$200 in India to help with the cost of the newsletters so this should be shown as their subscription.

b. The payment for Lilia Fabretto should read 10 and not 110

9. Resolutions for the General Meeting of Member Societies

It was agreed to support the resolution to extend the period that the President and Deputy President might serve without a break from two periods to three.

It was not felt that the other resolutions were desirable so the International Council decided not to recommend them to the meeting of member societies.

10. E.V.U. Application

The Regional Secretary for Europe, Mr Rob Snijders, explained the reasons for the requesT for financial support for the organisation of the European Vegetarian Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was agreed to make the sum of 7,000 Dutch Guilders available to EVU for the congress. It was hoped that all or some of the amount would be repaid according to the profitability of the congress. The sum requested for helping East Europeans to attend was not approved since the Hon. General Secretary deals with such applications. A report on the finances of the congress should be presented to the Hon. General Secretary of IVU after the Bratislava congress and then IVU could decide the question of repayment.

*11. World Congress 1996

a) Venue: Mark Berriman suggested that Coogee Beach would be a good venue due to its proximity to the centre of Sydney, its provision of hotels, back packer hostels and youth hostel as well as university accommodation close by. The proposal was discussed and some possible problems mentioned. It was agreed that the organisers should discuss the question with the Hon. General Secretary.

b) Meeting Facilities: The Holiday Inn was suggested as the main venue and its facilities were considered and approved subject to the potential capacity of the meeting rooms. It was agreed that accommodation should be available for lectures, workshops, meetings of small groups and an exhibition area.

c) Accommodation: It was emphasised that the range of accommodation provided should suit all price ranges.

d) Registration: The need for a team of people who could be relied upon was discussed. The price for the registration fee should allow for inflation and be kept as low as possible to encourage more people to attend. It was agreed that the registration fee should not exceed that charged for the 1994 world congress. It was suggested the price for the registration fee should be staged to encourage people to book early.

e) Organisers' Responsibilities: It was emphasised that financing the congress and underwriting any loss were the responsibility of the organisers. It was suggested that consideration be given to undertaking insurance against such a possibility.

f) IVU's Responsibilities: These are as mentioned in the IVU Constitution and the document on congress organisation given to the congress organisers.

g) Programme: Campaigning and techniques to be used in campaigning were suggested for the programme. Specific dates were needed for the offer of lectures workshops etc. It was agreed that workshops should be of one hour duration. Each evening there should be some entertainment which brought people together and encouraged them to mix and meet new people. New and exciting developments in vegetarianism should be brought into the programme and cookery demonstrations provided and the general public encouraged to attend.

h) Dates and Period: It was pointed out that Easter is a popular time for a congress. The congress would need to last for six days and include some excursions. The programme should start in the evening on the first day. There should be some banquet type event on the final evening. The first evening should be a social event to encourage people to meet. together.

i) Ceremonies: A tree planting was suggested and awards for people who have served the vegetarian cause well.

j) IVU General Meetings: The programme should allow for a minimum of two three hour sessions on separate days when no other activity is programmed.

k) Catering: The need to provide properly for vegans and raw food people was emphasised. It was suggested the main meals should be vegan with milk and other dairy products being available for those who wanted them. Non vegan items should be clearly labelled and there should be no reliance on free food from manufacturers.

l) Publicity: It was agreed that people should be appointed in major areas to publicise the congress and encourage people to attend.

m) Media: The importance of having competent people responsible for encouraging media interest in the congress was discussed. A major aim of the congress should be to promote the cause by media publicity.

12. World Congress 1998

The Hon. General Secretary reported that only one proposal had so for been received and this was from Veg International of Bangkok, Thailand. Having visited the society, he felt they could manage and arrange a world congress. It was decided to wait to see if any further proposals were forthcoming during the meeting of member societies.

13. Appointment of Hon. General Secretary and Assistant

It was agreed to reappoint Mr M. G. Lee as Hon. General Secretary. He reminded the International Council that he wished to relinquish the post by the 1996 world vegetarian congress and urged members to think about a suitable replacement. The President thanked Mr Lee for all his endeavours on behalf of IVU.

It was agreed to appoint Mr Francisco Martin as Assistant Hon. General Secretary since only one person was allowed for in the Constitution. However, members agreed they wished Mrs Madge Darneille to continue to assist the Hon. General Secretary so it was agreed she should be an unofficial assistant and her name should appear as an additional Hon. Assistant General Secretary on the headed note paper.

14. Appointment of Hon. Treasurer and Hon Auditor

It was agreed to reappoint Mr Bernard Colvin as Hon. Treasurer and Mr Ray Drake of Drake and Company as Hon. Auditor for the period until the next world vegetarian congress.

* 15. Constitution

Apart from the change allowing the President and Deputy President to serve for three successive terms there were no other suggestions.

*16. Document on Congress organisation

The document was agreed as amended.

17. Manker Trophy

It was agreed to appoint Mr Jashu Shah, Mrs Hildegund Scholvein and Mr Joaquin Him to make a recommendation to the international Council at its meeting later in the congress.

** The Council considered the proposal of the group appointed to make the award to Dr Latto. Following considerable debate and a vote, it was agreed that the Trophy should be awarded to Mr Rudolf Meyer. However, he indicated he did not approve of such awards so would not accept it so it was confirmed that no award should be made on this occasion.

**18. Budget

The 1994-5 budgets were approved as follows:

Subscriptions 1,500
Donations 5,000
Interest 3,000
Revenue expenditure
Grants to aid development of vegetarian societies 3,000
Congress assistance for delegates & Hon. General Secretary's expenses 3,500
E.V.U. congress Bratislava 2,600
Newsletter expenses 450
Promotion, representation & lectures 3,500
Administration 2,050
Capital expenditure: computer & printer 1,472

The 1995-6 budgets were approved at the above levels of income and revenue expenditure with an adjustment for inflation should it be necessary, but excluding the budget for an E.V.U. congress.

It was agreed that in future, budgets should cover income as well as expenditure. Should any changes be necessary, they should be agreed by the President, Hon. Secretary and Hon Treasurer.

The following items were considered within the above budgets:

a) The grant of 1,000 per annum to the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom towards the cost of the research officer and information provision was approved for the period until the next world vegetarian congress.

b) It was agreed that, when Mrs Sylvia Lee accompanies her husband the Hon General Secretary, on official engagements abroad, she should not make a payment for shared accommodation and meals taken in the course of official engagements. This was agreed for past occasions as well as for the future.

c) Three requests for financial support from Eastern Europe were considered. The application from the Lithuanian Vegetarian Society was agreed for a grant of 500 in two instalments to develop vegetarianism. The Lithuanian Society should make a firm proposal for the expenditure before it is paid out.

The St.Petersburg Society in Russia made a proposal but it was not felt that IVU should support it, and they should approach Dr.Medkova.

The Polish Vegetarian Society had made an application for the production of copies of vegetarian videos with a Polish dialogue and to catalogue the society's library. It was agreed that 300 be granted initially and that the Hon. General Secretary should consider any future application in the light of how the initial payment was spent

d) It was agreed to recommend to the meeting of member societies that annual subscriptions should be revised as follows:

Individual 12
A society with up to 150 members 10
For the next 500 members an additional sum of 20
An additional 20 for each 500 members up to a maximum subscription of 150 per annum.

** 19. Regional Secretaries' Reports

Since the reports had been made to the meeting of member societies, it was agreed not to repeat them.

Other agenda items were deferred to the next meeting of the International Council due to the lack of time.

**20. Any Other Business

It was agreed to hold two meetings of the International Council in 1995, one during the European Congress in Bratislava and the other during the North American regional congress in San Diego. Full details will be circulated to International Council members early in 1995. It is hoped that all members will be able to attend one or other of the meetings.

A Dutch paper on the question of defining the term "vegetarian" was briefly considered. The sprouting seed "V" symbol use on foods made this very desirable. It was agreed the Hon.General Secretary and Deputy President should consider the matter and make a proposal to the next meeting of the International Council. There being no other business, the President thanked everyone for their attendance and support and closed the meeting.

Sri Mehta