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Minutes of Meetings of The International Council
1999 January 8


The second session of the IVU Council was held on Friday 8/1/99 at 1.30 at the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Those present were

Mr. Maxwell Lee. President in the chair.
Mr' Kevin Pickard, Deputy President
Ms. Katharina Bless, Council Member
Ms. Tina Fox, Council Member
Dr Simon Chau, Council Member
Mr. Francisco Martin, Council Member
Mr. Hiren Kara, Council Member
Dr H. Kakimoto, Council Member
Mr. Paul Turner, Council Member
Mr John Davis, Council Member
Mr Claude Pasquini, Regional Secretary - Europe
Mr Jashu Shah Regional Secretary (India & the East)
Mr Robert Fraser, Regional Secretary (Australasia)

Item 11. Manker Trophy

The recommendation of the sub-committee to award the Manker Trophy posthumously to the Late Lady Linda Mo Cartney for her contribution towards propogating vegetarianism was approved.

Replicas of the existing trophy were decided to be given to recipients for their permanent custody.

Mr Kevin Pickard agreed to keep in custody the Manker Trophy until the Toronto Congress in 2000

12. Decision making by the International Council

It was decided that all duties should be shared by council members

13. Use of the Internet

It was resolved that e-mail be included along with postal ballot in the constitution. Mr. John Davis proposed the resolution and Mr. Kevin Pickard seconded it. The resolution was carried unanimously.

Mr. John Davis proposed that a voters e-mail list be created for every IVU body with voting rights initially for discussion of constitutional changes.

14. a) Appointment of Hon.Gen.Secretart - b) Appointment of Asst.Gen.Secretary

Mr. Francisco Martin and Mr. Hiren Kara offered to do the duties of the Hon. Gen. Secretary. Both, being interested, did not take part in the discussion.

It was decided that Mr. Francisco Martin be appointed as Hon.Gen.Secretary and Mr. Hiren N. Kara be appointed as Hon. Asst. Gen. Secretary.

The following volunteered to take responsibilities of

1) Subcriptions/Donations/Membership - Tina Fox volunteered to take permission of the trustees of the V.S.U.K. and persuade the V.S.U.K. staff to do the activity for I.V.U. Mr. Kevin Pickard would be in overall charge.

2) Newsletter and advertising Mr. Paul Turner

3) Appeals for fund raising: Mr. Francisco Martin

4) Webmaster Mr. John Davis

5) Manker Trophy miniature replicas: Mr. Jashu Shah

6) Pulic Relations : Mr. Maxwell Lee, the President would oversee and delegate.

7) Vegetarian information correspondence Francieco Martin and Hiren Kara

8) Minutes and correspondence - Hiren N. Kara

It was unanimously decided not to reveal figures for election of council members Mr. Paul Turner and Mr. Simon Chau announced that they were unable to stay any longer and apologised for leaving the meeting.

15. IVU funding

Mr. Francisco Martin was requested to persue the matter

16. The role of IVU in the 21st century

This would be decided after the amended constitution is in effect.

17. Structure and activities of IVU

These would be discussed regularly on the internet

18. Reports of regional secretaries

Reports were received from the regional secretaries Dr. P.K.Jain for Africa and Mr. J.C. Shah for India and the East.

19. World Congress Organisation

The progress would be monitored through the internet

20. IVU Constitution

This would be placed on the internet along. with the draft of the proposed amendment.

21. IVU Membership

Should any council member come in contact with any society they should be encouraged to join the I.V.U.

22. Any other business

Dr. P. K. Jain's request for additional financial help towards the Congress was declined.

It was resolved that the IVU not cover any costs in order to bring any council to a Congress without a vote of the International Council. Mr. Kevin pickard proposed and Mr.John Davis seconded the resolution, which was carried unanimously.

b) Budgets 1999-2000 Mr Francisco Martin was requested to present it by 8th Feb. 99 failing which Mr. M.Lee would do it before 8 Mar.99.

c) Hr. Francisco Martin was requested to provide figures towards amounts received towards registration and expenses made in connection with registration. Ms. Katharina Bless was requested to clarify the new arrangements for payment to the Thai organisers.

There being no other business the meeting then terminated with a vote of thanks to the chair.