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Paul Turner

IVU Councillor 1999-2004
IVU Magazine Editor 1999-2002

Joint Public Relations Officer 2002-04

Paul has managed all areas of a successful international non-profit organization. He has traveled extensively, working in more than 50 countries to train volunteers and establish new operations, including personally raising more than $750,000 (AUD) for Food For Life projects in Australia and around the world, presenting more than 150 training seminars and developing a successful 90-page web site ( Paul also planned and organized international conferences and social events such as “Feed the World Week,” the world's largest free food festival, designed and wrote promotional and training materials for food relief programs worldwide and maintained and expanded the charities membership and produced an international magazine.

Paul has worked with presidents and high-ranking military officials during Food for Life’s emergency relief work in war zones, including Sarajevo, Sukhumi and Chechnya, appeared on National Television and Radio in more than 20 countries and hosted press meetings to discuss the charity’s work.

In 1993, Paul initiated a $120,000 AUD government sponsored employment program for the chronically unemployed to grow organic vegetables to feed the needy. He has given presentations on world hunger and mal-nutrition at International vegetarian conferences in the US, Thailand, Canada, Czech Republic and Russia, etc., and published a 160-page manual on food relief program management.

Washington DC, USA (originally from Australia)