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Grants for Member Societies

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Sabina Fund.
The rules are a little different to the IVU grants so you can try either - or both.

Vegetarian Charity
Grants for individual young vegetarians - under 26.

Please note: Grants are available to Member Societies only
see: How to Join IVU

Grants will not be awarded to individuals for their own purposes such as study, commercial ventures, travel etc. (see the Vegetarian Charity, right, for young individuals)

Please note that funds are inevitably limited and that priority will be given to projects in parts of the world where vegetarianism is less well established.

Applications for grants will be considered in batches at the end of March, June , September and December each year.

All the sections of this form must be completed, it will not be processed if you leave any of them blank

Where possible, interested groups should establish contact with and obtain support from with their IVU Regional Representative ( ).
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The name of the Member Society:

Member Number (if you have forgotten it please contact - - before completing this form)

The name of the person making this application:

Position of the applicant in the Member Society:

Email address of the applicant:

Please tell us something about the previous activities of the Member Society. Please note that grants are unlikely to be awarded to groups with no evidence of past achievements:
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The amount for which you are applying (please state in US dollars or UK pounds only - here's a currency converter if you need it.) Note: individual grants will usually be limited to a maximum of US$1500 (1000 UK pounds) but the International Council has discretion to vary this.

Details of the project for which you want a grant.
Everything connected with the project should be related to the promotion of vegetarianism/veganism in a positive and responsible manner.
The proposal should provide an action plan, noting the specific tasks and deadlines, and a budget showing how the funds will be spent. Applications for funding must address the primary purpose of promoting the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

Start and finish dates for the project

Matching Funds and Experience
Availability of matching funds and/or services and likelihood that the experience gained can be applied elsewhere will enhance your proposal. Please indicate if this is possible

Evaluation of your project
Please indicate below how the expected results will be assessed and reported.
( Successful applications and their outcomes will be publicised on the IVU website and in the IVU magazine.)

Acknowledgement of IVU
It is a requirement all grants that any promotional material for the project will acknowledge financial support from the International Vegetarian Union, displaying the IVU logo where possible (see IVU logos). The project must display the following statement:

"Produced with financial support from the International Vegetarian Union. Views expressed by grant recipients are their own and not necessarily those of IVU."

Please indicate what promotional materials will be produced and how IVU will be recognised.

NOTE: It is a condition of this grant that your organisation provides IVU with a report on how the grant was used along with an income and expenditure report clearly showing the IVU grant income and/or any invoices for items that the grant was spent on. This report must be provided within one month of the grant being used. If the grant is unused within six months of receiving it must be returned in full to IVU"

All the above sections are required, the form will not be processed if you leave any of them blank

All applications will be brought to the attention of the International Council for a decision or referred back to the applicant if further information is required. All decisions by the IVU council are final and not open to negotiation.