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How to get an web page and email address for your local group

IVU can offer free space for web pages to any Member Society - so the first thing you have to do is Join IVU

Your page will have an address at: - 'yourorg' can be replaced by any initials or word that you want, provided it has not already been taken.

You can also have an email address of - Member Societies can have any mail sent to that forwarded to a private email address. This is more effective for any printed publicity material as it allows you to change your private email address without having to reprint everything.

If you only want one page it can be created for you, using any text and pictures you wish. There are no charges other than the membership fee.

If you want more space that can be provided, but only if you are creating the pages yourself. We can offer direct access, via a separate password, so that you can update your own site on There are various extra options available for sites - see the Technical Support section for more details.

If you are interested in this contact John Davis on the address below.

(Note: the International Council has decided not to allow the use of 'own domain' names pointing to the website. If you have your own domain name, or are considering registering one, may be able to help - contact Jeff Nelson: IVU is grateful to for making it possible to offer the free web space on