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Charter for IVU Internet Partners

An IVU Internet Partner can be any internet resource (web site, mailing list etc) that meets the criteria and wishes to be associated with IVU. There are no costs and partnership does not affect the independence of anyone involved. Internet Partners are not members of IVU but do gain certain benefits normally only available to members.


1. All operations of the on-line resource must be compatible with the policies and objectives of the IVU, ie 100% vegetarian or vegan.

2. The on-line resource must not be owned or maintained by any off-line organisation. Such organisations should join IVU in the normal way.

3. There should normally be more than one person contributing to the resource (this could be one person maintaining the site with others contributing recipes, articles etc). People putting up 'personal home pages' should join IVU as individual members in the normal way.

4. The resource must not be of a primarily commercial nature.

5. The resource must not require any payment for 'membership' or for any use it's services, everything must be free. Requests for voluntary contributions/donations may be allowable.

6. Only resources of good quality will be accepted. The resource must be kept up-to-date and maintain appropriate standards. Failure to do so will result in termination of the partnership.


There are no financial costs involved as the Partners have no regular income. They are expected to display the IVU logo (as a link to the IVU pages) on their own main index page, stating that they are 'IVU Internet Partners'. The logo can be found on the IVU Logos page. If there is no web page, or a specific problem with the main index page, then an appropriate form of recognition can be discussed.

Benefits to Partners

  1. Displaying the IVU logo on their pages should be seen as a mark of quality - effectively 'approved by the IVU'.
  2. The IVU web pages will have prominent links to partners' sites on the regional pages linked from the world map at and in the 'Members Database' which is linked from several pages and in several languages.
  3. Articles on partners sites can be linked from any appropriate pages on the IVU site. The domain is now attracting more than 1 million page views per month.
  4. Any news from partners can be included in IVU Online News which goes monthly to thousands of subscribers.
  5. If required they could be given an IVU Hosted page on the '' domain and an email address ''.

Benefits for the IVU

  1. It makes IVU the focal point of vegetarianism on the internet in the same way that, for the last 95 years, it has set out to be in the real world.
  2. Lots more links to the IVU web pages, prominently displayed on high quality sites, bringing in more readers.
  3. It provides a service to other IVU members, and to all vegetarians, by identifying the worthwhile resources amongst the vast amount of junk which is now on the internet.

    For Current Internet Partners see the members database

If you would like to become an IVU Internet Partner contact John Davis -