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from IVU News 2002

(Above) Miss Nancv Horenburg (left) (Treasurer, VSB) presenting a token of appreciation to the Honorable Minister of health, Mrs. Jov Phumaphi on the occasion of the Annual Vegetarian Dinner.

The Vegetarian Society of Botswana hosted its fourth annual fund raising vegetarian dinner on Friday, November 23, 2001 at the Maranyane Greek Restaurant (BOTEC Restaurant). The Honorable Minister of Health Mrs. Joy Phumaphi was the Guest of Honor at the function which was attended by about one hundred guests and dignitaries. The dinner consisted of a sumptuous buffet of 18 vegetarian and vegan varieties, and deserts with a Greek touch. The items included exotic names such as Jagiki, fried eggplant Greek style, stuffed tomatoes, potato and cheese croquettes, Galakto Boureko. etc. The variety and quality of preparations was highly appreciated by all guests who enjoyed the evening immensely.

The Chairman of the Society, Prof. P.K.Jain welcomed the guests and outlined the brief history and activities of the Vegetarian Society which was founded in 1995. Registered as a nonprofit charity dedicated to the dissemination of information on vegetarianism, the Society publishes a bimonthly newsletter which is distributed to members free of charge.

In her well researched keynote address, the Honorable Minister Phumaphi emphasized the medical and environmental benefits of vegetarianism, and went on to enumerate a number of diseases that are medically evidenced to be linked to non-vegetarian food practices. Honorable Minister told the guests nine easy steps to becoming a vegetarian.

Mr. Manhar Mooney passed the vote of thanks, and specifically noted the generous support of the Trans Africa Group of companies and the Copy Shop for photocopying services for the Society.

- Prof. P. K. Jain, Chairman