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Club Veg Nature Tours
from IVU News 2002

Club Veg, a nonprofit regional vegetarian education group in the Northeast United States, is planning its third Costa Rica Vegan Nature Tour February 14- 23, 2003, and its first Alaska Vegan Nature Tour in August of 2003.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise for vegans - enjoy the rainforests, hundreds of bird species and other wildlife, warm waters and snorkeling, tropical fruits and other delicious vegan foods.

For more information, contact Sawtelle Travel at 800-295-2222 or email:

For information on food, contact Club Veg at 631-286-1343 or email:

The itinerary for the trip is available at

The Alaska trip is still in the planning stages. If you are interested, let us know by contacting us at or 631-286-1343 and we will keep you updated.