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Calling all Diners!
from IVU News 2002

VegDining's Guide to Vegetarian Travel

In time for summer travle season, we're pleased to announce our new section on Vegetarian Travel, featuring short travelogues, travel tips, accommodation, upcoming trips, links and more.

We'll continuously be adding to this section, so please drop us a line with any veg travel tidbits you have.

You can visit our new travel section at:

P.S. Don't forget to visit our site and tell us about recent visits to your favourite vegetarian restaurants too!

Since the fall of 1999, has been an active member of the vegetarian community, helping to advance global vegetarianism by promoting vegetarian restaurants around the world. VegDining was launched realizing that the widespread acceptance of vegetarianism relied not only on the tireless work of vegetarian activists but also on the success of vegetarian restaurants in the marketplace.

In the process, VegDining has taken great pride in actively supporting many nonprofit vegetarian groups, from the smallest of grassroots local groups to the largest, most well-known international organizations.

Through its weekly, monthly and grand prize draws, paid advertisements in group newsletters, event sponsorships, prize donations and free public service ads on its website, VegDining was and continues to be a proud supporter of vegetarian groups around the world. is now at a crossroads and needs more than ever the support of its vegetarian friends. With the dramatic downturn in the web economy, VegDining like many other websites can no longer depend on online advertis-ing - particularly vegetarian-only online advertising - to pay its bills. For it to continue, VegDining relies on purchases of its VegDining Card, the interna-tional vegetarian dining discount card. As well, it depends on the continued support of vegetarians through submissions of reviews and updated informa-tion about vegetarian restaurants.

To all of you who have supported VegDining either through purchases of VegDining Cards, submissions of reviews, or by telling your friends about us, we sincerely thank you. To others, please consider supporting our work in any of the ways described. Through your support, VegDining will be able to con-tinue its work promoting vegetarianism around the world.

- Dennis Bayomi
President and Founder,