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A Letter from Russia
from IVU News 2002

Hello Editor,
Dear colleagues,

December 2001, we celebrated the 100 anniversary of the vegetarian society in Russia. We are happy to inform you that for the first time since the October Revolution in 1917, the vegetarian movement in Russia finally has its own printed media - the monthly Journal 'Vegetarianets'.

The new issue came out in August 2001 with the circulation of 25,000 (52 pages in full color). For more information about this edition, please see our web site at www

Our full colored almanac is distributed in Moscow St. Petersburg. and several other cities in Russia and the NIS. On its pages you will find fascinating information about vegetarianism in Russia. We take a look at the aspects of vegetarianism from different viewpoints: medical, religious. philosophical, ethical, esthetical, ecological, economical, hygienic, and others.

Unfortunately. we didn't have an opportunity to communicate with you before now. Today, when the vegetarian movement has a new impulse for revival in Russia. we are open to all who support the ideas of vegetarianism.

We believe that our Journal will help develop spiritual communication. cooperation in trade. exchange of cultural and business information. Our goal is to establish business contacts, to provide informational materials, to determine new fields of cooperation. and thus to promote cultural exchange.

Your offers are always welcome.

You can write to us at: Moscow 123100, P/O Box 17 or call us at 728-7194. or simply send us an e-mail:

Nikolai Kalanov
Editor in chief of "Vegetarianets"