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Veggie Pride
from IVU News 2002

Paris: May 18, 2002 - supported by several IVU Member Societies Veggie Pride was born. Veggie Pride means: pride in refusing to order animals to be abused and killed for our bellies.

About 200 demonstrators took part in the First Veggie Pride held in Paris on October 13, 2001. We denounced vegephobia, the hatred against those who refuse to participate in the great collective against animals. We procalimed our intention to fully exert our rights, including our right to stand up for the non-human animals. These rights of ours are indirectly the only rights that nonhumans have and it is important that we no longer be shy about them.

The demonstration brought energy and courage to many of us, who only too often feel almost ashamed of our 'difference' and feel forced to apologize for our compassion. The event also obtained a handsome media coverage. We plan the Veggie Pride to be an annual demonstration, held every Spring in Paris - though we would be pleased to see the idea spread to other cities and countries!

The Second Veggie Pride will be on Mat 18, 2002. Details and an English translationof the Veggie Pride manifesto are on the event's website,

Information in English can also be obtained by calling David at: 33 478699071, or Florence at: 33 495382744.