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Spanish Vege Guide
from IVU News 2002

The Vegan and Vegetarian guide to Spain has finally been published!

The guide lists all the restaurants in the country (more than 100). as well as some other information related to vegan and vegetarian interests. It has been done with no financial backing and is advertising free.

Sale arrangements are as follows:

You can order books in English at the following rates: (Europe only) 8.00 pound sterling per book, including postage recorded delivery (up to 10 hooks) 35% discount for more than 10 books! For bulk orders, up to 50% discount.

Please note that we do not accept credit cards. The contact address is

Jean-Claude Juston - www. ivu. org/atelier - e-mail:

In Britain, you can also order the Vegan and Vegetarian Guide to Spain through Vegetarian Guides at - For enquiries: - Credit cards are accepted.

And work is already under way for the next guide...

Best wishes. Jean-Claude Juston