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IVU Annual Report 2006

From the Editor's Desk

[Paul Turner]
Paul Turner

It's been many moons since you've seen a paper publication coming out of IVU. Just imagine how many trees we saved! But seriously, with the power of the Internet and the ease at which we all communicate these days, using emails, blogs, and forums, you probably didn't even notice.

Well, the council sure noticed and it was agreed that an Annual Report would replace the old magazine. In the following pages, you'll get a snapshot of what's going on around the world, as well as learn of some exciting initiatives being undertaken by our member societies. Some examples: the JVNA is producing a documentary video tentatively titled "So It Is Written: Applying Jewish Values to Help Save an imperiled World;" the Christian Vegetarian Society is currently selling a 26 minute video called "Honoring God's Creation", while Food for Life Global is planning to build an Eco-Village and organic vegetarian food distribution kitchen in Mississippi, USA for the benefit of the gulf coast residents affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The EVU chimes in with news of their new publication, Utopia Today - Reality Tomorrow. A Vegetarian World. The book went on sale this year and was very well received internationally! - Paul Rodney Turner

Inside this issue
Some items in this issue were already on the IVU website, and are linked. Others may appear here in due course - in the meantime you can receive the Annual Report by post by joining IVU, see the link at the bottom of this column.