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IVU Annual Report 2006

Vegetarian Society of Uganda
by Abby Muweesi, Chairman

2005 was a difficult time for us due to the sudden death of our beloved Chairman Dr. Leonard Wabbi, one of the founding members of Vegetarian Society of Uganda. Mr. Abby Mueesi was elected new chairman and Prince Simbwa Joseph as Hon. Gen Secretary.

The Society has been busy disseminating information on vegetarianism through seminars, public debates and discussions; formation of various vegetarian organization in other areas of the country; and promotion of the vegetarian cause through education programs, radio advertisements and seminars.

Agricultural workshops and demonstration gardens have also been conducted to ensure that people get sustenance through a vegetarian diet of soya beans, ground nuts, porridge rice, etc. A lot of awareness has been raised to ensure that fish products, meat, poultry are discouraged in society as we promote vegetarianism. In 2006 our motto is "Food for Life," and we plan to increase out food distribution to the slum areas, along with increasing awareness through seminars, public debates and even cinema. We would like to conduct national campaigns and rallies, but to do this we require funding. We are appealing to the IVU members to support these very important initiatives.