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IVU Annual Report 2006

Latin America Vegetarian Union (UVLA)
Marly Winckler, IVU Coordinator for Latin America & the Caribbean

In April 1999 when veg-latina was created rarely were there any links among Latin American vegetarians even if some decades ago there was a strong naturalist movement in the region. In a few months people started to appear from everywhere and now we have a strong web net all over this area and are starting a "face to face" net too. We are in touch now nearly with people from all the countries of this region and some other discussion lists are very active.

Other pioneer lists that had an important role in gathering atomized vegetarians was veg-brasil, created in January 1999 - this one in Portuguese - as veg-latina was in Spanish. In the same epoch a site at the Internet - Sitio Vegetariano ( ) was launched, the first one in Portuguese in the world. This site now has an average of 3,000 visits a day.

In Argentina there is now a very active work especially via the Internet - with Manuel Marti of UVA (Unión Vegetariana Argentina) leading the movement. UVA organized already 2 National Vegetarian Conferences. For the first time ever an IVU Latin American Coordinator visited the country. Marly Winckler delivered a speech at the Argentinean Congress for some 150 participants - a full day of activities where very interesting speeches were delivered - including the ones from the historic vegetarian of 80 years De. Delio Esteve and his son Claudion Esteve - whose father and grandfather were Juan Esteve Dulin - a famous naturalist.

Active groups are being formed also in Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. There is a lot more to do - but the conditions are settled to do a splendid work in the near future. The work done by the Spanish pages of IVU and also from Spoanish Vegan Society helped a lot those who speak Spanish.

In Uruguay the local vegetarian organizations are doing a lot to gather people and spreading the vegetarian message. Next month the Regional IVU Coordinator will visit the country, visiting also Bolivia in June. Soon after the WVC in Brazil, Miguel Facal from Uruguay was appointed IVU Councilor and is helping a lot in organizing the vegetarian movement in our region.

In Bolivia we have the Sociedad Vegetariana Boliviana conducted by some very active persons among which stand out Victor Maceda who is doing splendid work in redeeming Incan foods like quinoa, amaranto, corn and so on.

In Brazil the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (Sociedade Vegetariana Brasiliera - ) was created with the help of IVU as a consequence of the maturity of a process - coinciding with the major task of organizing the 36th IVU World Vegetarian Congress - for the first time in a Latin American country.

One of the first attributions of SVB was organizing the 36th IVU World Vegetarian Congress - a task it discharged itself with competence. It had some 700 attendees from 35 different countries and was considered one of the best ever venue and food. Activists from 10 different Latin American countries attended.

SVB is organized in Groups and Departments - and now - less than 3 years afterwards we have some 15 Groups in different cities of Brazil and some 10 departments. We just had our 1st Coordinators Meeting nearby Sao Paulo - and this was a success.

Now SVB together with UVLA (Latin Anerica Vegetarian Union) - formed at 36th WVC - are hosting the 1st Latin American and Brazilian Congress - which will be held in Sao Paulo, from 4-8 August 2006. We believe this will be a landmark in the Latin American vegetarian movement and are expecting for some 2,000 attendants and some 10,000 visitors for the Fairs and Veg Fashion Shows.