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Animal Protection at School
an idea from Austria to copy
from EVU News, Issue 1, 1999

Since 1990 teachers with a special 'training' go into the Austrian schools at the invitation of the class teacher in order to make students (and teachers) more sensitive for the suffering of animals.

[image: Charlotte Probst] Charlotte Probst, a teacher from Graz (pictured right) is the initiator and leader of the project Animal protection in class. She is convinced, that animal protection has to be taught at school in special lessons. Young people especially children are not yet conquered by a materialistic world they are still able to be objective and to feel compassion. They are the future. If they are able to feel the pains of a suffering animal they will also feel the pains of a suffering person she is convinced.

Known personalities supported her idea, when she tried to win representatives from the ministry of education for her project, she had to fight against prejudices, lobbies and economic sectors, but her determination and her love for animals helped her to succeed in the long run.

Teachers get two weeks extra training at college for this special task, where they learn how to teach young people, and adults an idea of the awe for life, and that creation is one whole thing.-The lessons at school are divided in three parts: ethics, information and how to find solutions (what can I do?).

The instruction is given from the first to the ninth class and differs of course, according to the age of the young students. Films and slides are very important aids during the lessons.

Until today about 500,000 students from more than 6,000 schools from different parts of Austria have been made attentive on the dreadful situation of animals in their country. Especially animal farms and laboratories for vivisection are mentioned in the lessons, also the situation of the fur animals, chicken, pets etc.

Imagine if this idea could be copied in every country! Ask for more information:

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