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from EVU News, Issue 4 / 1996

Die vegetarische Alternativ

by Victor S. Sussman, edited by Vegetarier-Bund Deutschlands, Sept. 1996, paperback, 240 pages, DM 24.00, ISBN 3-929475-33-2, in any bookshop or from VBD, Geschäftsstelle, Blumenstrasse 3, 30159 Hannover, Germany.

Since the first publication of the book in the USA nearly 20 years ago and the following editions in Germany, there is still a great need for information about a healthy lifestyle, animal- and environmental protection. The arguments of the author are well suited to promoting a vegetarian way of life and to awakening understanding for animal- and environmental protection.

"Medizin Kontrovers", health-newsletter

edited by Dr K. J. Probst, gives to therapists and non-professional readers up-to-date and objective scientific information (quoting the source) about nutrition and a natural lifestyle. A most interesting, well-written health-newsletter in German. DM 30.-, 6 editions a year.

Please contact: Dr. K.J.Probst, Greuth 3, 87758 Kronburg, Germany, Fax: +49 8394596

The Livewire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Veggie!

By Juliet Gellatley, Livewire Books, ISBN 07043 4939 6, paperback, 190 pages, £3,99

This new book by Juliet Gellatley is the definitive guide for teenagers who are, or want to be, vegetarian or vegan. It looks at all the issues - from the animals and the environment to nutrition and health and suggests answers to the most irritating questions doubting family members and friends raise.

Mythos Tierversuch (The myth of animal experiment)

by Bernhard Rambeck, Editor: Zweitausendundeins, paperback, 313 pages, DM 10.-

A very important book written by a vegetarian scientist about the scientific nonsense of animal experiments and how they can become dangerous even for humans. The author invalidates the arguments most often brought forward in favour of animal experiments and shows how those experiments are blocking the development of medicine. A book that should be translated into English!

To order from: Zweitausendundeins, Postfach, 60381 Frankfurt, Germany, order (Bestellnummer) 1806; or: buch 2000, Postfach 89, 8910 Affoltern a.A., Switzerland

Die erste Stufe, (The first step)

ISBN 3-930093-08-1, 97 pages, paperback, DM 14,50

Tolstoi, Gandhi and the ethics of a vegetarian nutrition

With this book the leader of the Gandhi-Information-Centre in Berlin, Christian Bartolf, presents hitherto unpublished original texts of Gandhi and Tolstoi. In two essays the editor presents vegetarian nutrition as an important element of a non-violent life.

The Vegetarian in You

by Billy Ray Boyd, Prima Publishing, ISBN 0-7615-0123-1, paperback, 240 pages, U.S.$12.95

An excellent, concise, lively, engaging argument for a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Very well written convincing and a useful source with a vast databank."The Best,Most Readable Text Anywhere on Vegetarianism"-Vegetarian Times