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Issue 2 - Numero 2 - Ausgabe 2 - Número 2 - Numéro 2 / 1997

‘A rabbit can be perceived, and therefore threaded, in a variety of ways, which influences its social and legal standing. It could be a cuddly pet, a subject for high-school dissertation or research, a menu item, or the source of a pair of fur mittens. It could be a farmer’s pest, a sportsman’s ‘worthy adversary’, or a greyhound trainer’s lure. But nowhere is the rabbit valued intrinsically, in and for itself.’ - From: Inhumane Society, Michael W. Fox


image: Sigrid Editorial from
the Secretary

Dear readers, dear friends,

Thanks to the help of a lot of devoted vegetarians and vegans here again an EVU News with several interesting articles and reports I hope.

Not to forget of course the European Congress and the AGM in Bussolengo/Italy in September! We are looking forward to see you there! Mind the new address of the congress office!

Some of our EVU members have taken part in the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in Loma Linda last spring and you can read their reports about the event.

A special 'thank you' goes to Dr. Urs Guthauser, who has written a fundamental article on Genetic Engineering, which has been brilliantly translated into English by a German vegan. On this occasion I would like to thank also all the other translators from various countries who with their free help guarantee that EVU's homepage on Internet has become really 'European'!

Those of you who have attended the IVU Congress in The Hague in 1994 will certainly remember the young Finish philosopher Leena Vilkka, who spoke about the intrinsic values of animals and nature. I am glad to be able to offer you two articles about her and her work.

Several reports from 'very old' and 'very young' societies complete the contents of this edition of the EVU News which I hope you keep on reading with interest.

From the 14th of July till the 6th of August the EVU office will be closed for vacation. Wishing all of you a nice summer I send you best wishes from Switzerland

Sigrid De Leo (SDL)
Hon. Secretary of the EVU