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Vegetarian Food Relief in Orissa!
By Paul Turner, FFL Global
IVU News - March 2000

Orissa, India, October 29-A massive super cyclone crashed through coastal Orissa, bringing with it twenty-five foot tidal waves and wind speeds of up to 260 kmph, causing coconuts to fly nearly as fast as bullets!

The aftermath killed more than 20,000 villagers, destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland and cattle, and left more than 1 million of Orissa's people homeless, hungry and dazed.

Huge 50 gallon pots were used to cook the thousands of meals served daily from the Food for Life boats and trucks

The situation was chaotic. The local government relied heavily on whatever volunteer relief groups were available.

The day after the cyclone hit, the local Food for Life (FFL) service in Bhubanesvara swung into action. Volunteers in four trucks and boats filled with freshly cooked vegetarian stew (Khechudi) and drinking water went out in search of survivors in the most affected areas.

Passing thousands of dead bodies on the road side or floating past their boat, Food for Life was able to distribute more than one million vegetarian meals, 40,000 bottles of water, blankets, clothes, and first aid treatment to the needy.

Food for Life operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and is the world's largest vegan/vegetarian food relief. (

Thousand await their daily meal at the makeshift campsites.

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