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Famous Vegetarians - Paul Newman ??


  • Newman, Paul, actor - director - food guru, source: the most famous vegeterian of the planet


  • source: Google url: http://
    A life-long mistake for me too! Too bad for him!He just doesn't deserve to enjoy vegetarians' consideration all around the world, so I thought I had to forward this to you.
  • source: his line of salad dressings and STEAK sauces.
    Read the back of the bottles of salad dressings and steak sauces. Many contain anchovies and even BACON (hint: check out the ingredients of the "Two Thousand Island Dressing"). Would a true vegetarian sell this under his name? Don't take my word for it... check out his website for yourself. How vegetarian is he now? A quick email to his someone at his website, a 'nobody' secretary working for him responded that as far as she knew, he wasn't even a vegetarian.
  • source: Tonight Show with Jay Leno, aired a few weeks ago
    Paul appears on the show and is marketing the new dog food containing organically grown chicken that his daughter's company is marketing. Paul announces he is going to eat some of the dog food, right out of the can, and then proceeds to do so.
    Whether he ate the actual dog food or a substitute seems irrelevant to me. He ANNOUNCES that he will be eating chicken. Then it appears he eats a few spoonfuls full. I have to presume that if he says he will be eating chicken, he eats chicken.


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