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Famous Vegetarians - Liv Tyler ??


  • Tyler, Liv actress and daughter of Steven Source: Interview on the Rosie O'Donnell show, April 7
  • her former boyfriend Joaquin Phoenix said it in a magazine


  • "Liv Tyler is no longer veggie according to (October 2000) Zest magazine." - Anna, London
  • recent appearance on the Letterman show to promote One Night at McCool's/interview with Joaquin Phoenix - notes: She said something about cooking at home and Dave asked her what she cooked and she said "fish and a salad" Last I checked fish is not a vegetable, so we can probably assume that her vegetarian days ended when she (what was the girl thinking!) exchanged Joaquin for that British musician. As for Casey (Ben's younger brother) Joaquin mentioned in a recent interview that Casey was not a vegetarian when they met on "To Die For" but that he (J) had noticed lately that Casey was cooking vegetarian stuff and asked him and Casey said yes he was vegetarian. Hardly surprising since he (C) has dated Summer Phoenix for years. - anon


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