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Ozzy Osbourne (1948-) interview published on September 23, 1992

. . . two years ago, well into his solo career, he said, he quit drinking and taking drugs and started an exercise regimen that, along with a mostly vegetarian diet, has helped him melt the flab off his formerly cherubic face and chubby body. His 5-foot-10-inch frame now weighs a fit 156 pounds, down from 193.

- what they meant mean by 'mostly' is not clear...

from an article in TimesOnline, June 6, 2010:

"I might be 61, but I haven't felt so young since the 1960s. Aside from my eyes, the other big change in my life is that I've pretty much become a vegetarian. Seriously. It's my new phase: brown rice and vegetables. I don't even drink milk, apart from a splash in my tea. It ain't because of the animals. I mean, I used to work in a slaughterhouse. You won't see me marching over the frozen tundra, hunting down people who club seals. I just can't digest meat any more.

I also saw that Food, Inc film the other day, which gives you a new perspective - not just on meat-eating, but on the whole animal-product industry. I mean, think of the entire population of the US, which is, what, 309m? Say 80m of them eat an egg every day: that's a lot of eggs to squeeze out of a lot of chickens. And the way they do it at these megafarms is enough to put you off breakfast for life."

- though still unclear what 'pretty much' means...


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