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Sting (1951- )

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, CBE (born October 2, 1951), universally known by his stage name Sting, is an Academy Award-nominated sixteen time Grammy-winning English musician from Wallsend in North Tyneside. Prior to starting his solo career, he was the principal songwriter, lead singer and bass guitar player of the rock band The Police.

from June 21, 2007 [also copied onto Sting's official website]:

Yes, indeed, things have changed. Sting, you see — not a regular vegetarian — is on a strict macrobiotic diet. His personal chef makes him mock tuna wraps and “crunchy” soup. . . At almost 56, Sting’s most decadent pleasures are being turned into a pretzel by his yoga instructor an hour before show time. . .

from PETA [undated but [probably late 1990s, so things may have changed again in view of the above, he seems confused...]:

Grrrs to Sting for telling The Miami Herald: "About five years ago, we built an organic farm. Part of animal husbandry is that they breed. And you can't keep them all. So I started eating meat again. But I only eat the animals I raise....I won't eat an animal that comes from a slaughterhouse."

It is not clear whether Sting was ever fully vegetarian in the past.

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