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Michael Stipe (1960 - )

John Michael Stipe (born January 4, 1960 in Decatur, Georgia) is an American singer who is the lead vocalist for the alternative rock band R.E.M.

from Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service 31-OCT-94:

ATHENS, Ga. _ Rock singer Michael Stipe has opened a restaurant here, but it is not lush and plush. Unlike the glitzy Planet Hollywood and other star venues, the Guaranteed is as stripped-down sincere as its owner.

from Vegetarian Times, July 1995:

Finding a vegetarian restaurant in the South can be difficult. So Sue Hoagland and Amy Bramblett, in partnership with R.E.M. singer and vegetarian Michael Stipe, decided to open Guaranteed, a vegetarian restaurant - and the only juice bar - in Athens, Ga.

from huH magazine, 1995, article and interview with Michael Stipe

. . . do inquiring minds want to know what Michael Stipe really eats behind closed doors? Well, if you ask him whether he's a vegetarian he'll say, "yes," and then tell you that the thought of eating a hamburger at this point of his life pretty much repulses him. If you ask him whether he's a vegan he'll say that he tries to be, but it's hard to bother with it when he's on the road.

From the British newspaper, The Independent, Sunday, November 8, 1998, INTERVIEWS JAMES MCNAIR, Edition: 3, Section: Features, Page: 85 :

NATALIE MERCHANT: I met Michael 15 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, . . . Our second meeting was much better. REM were playing in Buffalo, New York, [no date given for this]. . . Michael was wearing his pyjamas that day, so we made a pretty funny-looking couple when we went to this vegetarian restaurant.


  • An article in Rolling Stone actually said Stipe had started eating fish. He quit in 1988, but resumed approximately 1996. - K

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