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Famous Vegetarians - Bill Maher ??

  • Maher, Bill Talk Show Host source: Politically Incorrect, member of PETA
  • Bill Maher ate fish recently at 4:00am in a Denny's. He said that on his show. -


  • If you go to the PETA site and find the video for the 21st anniversity party for PETA that took place in late September,2001. Maher along with many other famous people you don't mention are obviously supporting vegetarianism. Maher even goes as far to say that he hopes that at least one person in the USA will finally die from mad cow so that thousands of animal lives will be saved as a result(AMEN). - Yanni, Florida


  • Bill Maher, USA, Political commentator/comedian, notes: Yes, you can take off the question marks. I'm trying to get him to mention it on his website...

    (we'll wait until he does....) meanwhile....

  • Bill Maher, USA, TV personality, source: Larry King Live show on Thursday, 11th August 2005, notes: On the Larry King show of August 11th, Bill Maher was the guest, and he stated that he is not a vegetarian. He said it several times.


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