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Famous Vegetarians - Michael Klaper M.D.

[Michael Klaper]

Among the more active modern doctors in promoting vegetarianism through talks, articles, and books is Michael Klaper, M. D. He is a very popular speaker at the annual Summerfest of the North American Vegetarian Society and other vegetarian conferences. He has written two books, Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple (1987) and Pregnancy, Birth and the Vegan Diet (also 1987). He has recently been speaking out on environmental threats related to animal agriculture. He is an advisor to several vegetarian groups on health and environmental issues.
- Richard Schwartz


The practice of pure vegetarian nutrition is an established and growing reality. People around the planet are thriving on a vegan-style diet, having healthy babies and raising children, as they have done throughout history. As vegetarians are encountered in clinical practice, a knowledge of the principles of animal-free nutrition is helpful in understanding their clients’ nutritional strategies, and in planning health-promoting diet choices.

All red meat contains saturated fat. There is no such thing as truly lean meat. Trimming away the edge ring of fat around a steak really does not lower the fat content significantly. People who have red meat (trimmed or untrimmed) as a regular feature of their diets suffer in far greater numbers from heart attacks and strokes.

The human body has no more need for cows' milk than it does for dogs' milk, horses' milk, or giraffes' milk.

The human body has absolutely no requirement for animal flesh. Nobody has ever been found face-down 20 yards from the Burger King because they couldn't get their Whopper in time.


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