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Famous Vegetarians - Jeremy Rifkin

.... another very important book, Beyond Beef (1992), by technology-author, Jeremy Rifkin. In devastating detail, it chronicles the tremendous health, environmental, and economic problems associated with the raising and consumption of beef. Rifkin also started a "Beyond Beef" coalition of environmental, nutrition, and anti-hunger groups in the United States and other countries, that is dedicated to educating people with the goal of reducing beef consumption by 50% in 10 years.
- Richard Schwartz


It seems disingenuous for the intellectual elite of the first world to dwell on the subject of too many babies being born in the second- and third-world nations while virtually ignoring the over-population of cattle and the realities of a food chain that robs the poor of sustenance to feed the rich a steady diet of grain-fed meat.


  • My wife met him a year ago and asked if he was a vegetarian. He said that he was but isn't any more, although he still is mostly veg.


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