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  • Ek is 'n vegetariër - I am a vegetarian
  • Ek eet nie vleis, hoender of vis nie - I don't eat meat, poultry or fish
  • Ek hou nie van vleis nie - I don't like meat
  • Ek eet nie eiers of melk nie - I don't eat milk and eggs
  • Het julle enige vegetariese geregte? - Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
  • Ek is lief vir diere, daarom eet ek hulle nie - I love animals, so I don't eat them

Amharic (Ethiopia)

  • Sega albellam - I don't eat meat


  • Ana Nabatee - I am vegetarian [male]
  • Ana Nabateeya - I am vegetarian [female]
  • Mish Akool Lahma walla Ferekh khalis - I don't eat meat or chicken at all
  • Ana nbattee. Ana laa akul lohhoom. - I am vegetarian. I don't eat any meat.


  • yes/menk` busa'ker=banjara'ker em/enk` (sg./pl.). - [I am/we are] vegetarian
  • yes/menk` 1:anasun 2:(&spanvatz) anasunits &statsvatz vo(r)yeve nyut` 3:mis 4:yershik 5:hav 6:haveghen 7:dzuk 8:panir 9:kat` 10:karag 11: dzu=havkit` 12:megh(&)r 'chem/chenk` utum//x&mum. - I/we don't eat//drink 1:animals 2:anything from (slaughtered) animals 3:meat 4:sausage 5:chicken 6:poultry 7:fish 8:cheese 9:milk 10:butter 11:eggs 12:honey
  • yes/menk` u'tum//x&'mum enk` panir/kat`/etc. - I/we do eat//drink cheese/milk/etc.
  • yes/menk` panir/kat`/etc. u'tum//x&'mum em/enk`. - I/we eat//drink cheese/milk/etc.
  • yes/menk` si'rum em/enk` anasunner&, n&rants 'chem/chenk` utum. - I/we love animals, I/we don't eat them.
Words separated by = are synonyms, e.g. you can say dzu or havkit`. "ch" as in English "chip"; "s" always sharp (unvoiced) as in "case"; "x" like "ch" in "loch" or Germ. "ach"; "gh" is its voiced counterpart. "&" like "a" in "about" (schwa); p`, t` and k` are aspirated. The apostrophe *preceding* a syllable means that syllable is more strongly stressed; a, e, i, o, u as in Spanish (or Italian), approximately as in part, get (fête), clique, note, Luke, but shorter. [` = ` (grave accent)]


  • Man Giyah jharam - I am a vegetarian
  • Man gousht nemikhoram - I don't eat meat


  • Ani tsimchoni(t) - I am a (female) vegetarian.
  • Ani t'ivoni(t) - I am (female) vegan
  • V'ani lo ochel(et) chalav o g'vinah. - And I don't eat milk or cheese.
  • Ani lo ochel(et) dagim. - I don't eat fish
  • yesh lachem mana tsimhonit? - do you have a vegeterian dish?
  • yesh basviva misaada tsimhonit? - is there a vegeterian restourant near by?
  • Basar ze retzach - meat is murder
  • Ani lo ochel(et) betzim - I don't eat eggs
  • Ani lo ochel(et) dvash - I don't eat honey
  • Ani lo mishtamesh(et) be`or - I don't use leather
  • Ani ohev(et) chayot, az ani lo ochel(et) otan [accent on last syllables] - I love animals, so I don't eat them

  • most of the people that live in Israel know English well (it's taught as a 2nd language!) so give it a try with people between the ages of 12-65.


  • Ez gosht naxwim / Mn gosht nakhwim - I do not eat meat.

Malagasy (language of Madagascar)

  • Izaho tsy mihinan-kena - I don't eat meat

Swahili (East Africa)

More precisely: Kiswahili, the language of the Swahili
  • Mimi sili nyama walla kuku - I eat neither meat nor chicken
  • Mimi sili nyama - I don't eat meat
  • Mimi sili mayai - I don't eat eggs
  • Mimi sili nguruwe - I don't eat pork
  • Ng'ombe - beef/cow; Maziwa - milk; Samaki fish

Tigrigna (Eritrea)

  • Ane siga aybel'en eye. - I don't eat meat
  • Ane hamli tiray ybel'e. - I eat only vegetable
  • Ane wala derho aybel'en eye. - I don't even eat chicken.
  • Ane sebeyti eye. - I am a woman ; ane seb'ay eye. - I am a man.
  • Siga - meat ; Hamli - vegetable ; Bani - bread
  • Ane - I
  • Nsikha - you (male) ; Nsikatkum - you (plural male)
  • Nsikhi - you (female) ; Nsikatkn - you (plural female)
  • Nsu - he ; Nsa - she ; Nhna - we
  • Nsatom - they (male) ; Nsaten - they (female)


  • Vejeteryaným - I am a vegetarian
  • Et yemiyorum - I don't eat meat
  • Hic et yiyemem [heech et yee-yeh-mem] - I can't eat any meat
  • Et suyu bile yiyemem. - I can't even eat meat juices
  • ... yiyemem - I can't eat ...
  • Et yiyemem - I can't eat meat
  • Tavuk [tah-vook] - chicken
  • Pilic [pee-leech] - chicken
  • Yumurta [yoo-moor-tah] - egg
  • BalIk [bah-luck] - fish
  • Etsiz yemek var mI? [Et-seez yeh-mek var muh?] - Do you have any dishes without meat?
  • Etsiz sebze yemeði - Vegetable dish without meat

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