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(spoken in the county of Cornwall in the southwest of England)

  • Vesne oma I'm a vegetarian
  • Me venga cawas ne pesk I'd like no fish
  • Me venga kenz frut I'd prefer fruit
  • Peidgy ry thebm hoggan Please give me a pasty
  • Eze mouy hensledan wheg Are there any bananas?
  • Thove gwage I'm hungry
  • Dowr durdalada whye Water thank you

Dutch / Nederlandse

  • Ik ben een vegetarier - I am a vegetarian
  • Ik ben een veganist - I am a vegan
  • Ik eet geen vlees, vis of gevogelte - I don't eat meat, fish or poultry
  • Ik houd niet van vlees - I don't like meat
  • Ik eet geen eieren en melk - I don't eat milk and eggs
  • Heeft u ook vegetarische gerechten? - Do you have vegetarian dishes also?
  • Ik hou van dieren dus ik eet ze niet - I love animals, so I don't eat them

French / Français

.mp3 files from a reader in France
  • Je suis un végétarien(ne). Je ne mange pas de viande, de porc ou de poulet - I am a vegetarian(female). I do not eat meat, pork or chicken
  • Je mange des œufs, de lait et du fromage - I eat eggs, milk or cheese
  • Je ne mange pas d'œufs, du lait ni de fromage - I do not eat eggs, milk or cheese
  • Végétalien(ne) - vegan
  • J'aime des animaux, alors je ne les mange pas - I love animals, so I don't eat them
  • On qui mange la nourriture vegetarienne est souvent plus paisible et plus patient - one who eats only vegetarian food is often more peaceful and more patient
  • Avez-vous des plats végétariens? - Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
  • Y a-t-il un restaurant végétarien près d'ici? - Is there a vegetarian restaurant near here?
  • Je suis vegan (végétalienne). Je mange que des vegetables, cereals et grains. Je ne mange pas des produits animaux, ni du miel, ouefs ou laitage et ses dérivés. Pouvez-vouz m'aider à choisir dans votre menu ? S'il vous plaît, alertais-moi si un repas, sauce ou garniture à ces ingredients. - I'm vegan. I only eat vegetables, cereals and grains. I don't eat any animal products, neither honey, eggs nor dairy and its derivatives. Can you assist me in making my choice from your menu? Please, alert me if a food, sauce or garnish contains these ingredients.

German / Deutsch

  • Ich bin Vegetarier[in]. - I am a vegetarian.
  • Veganer[in] - vegan
  • Ich esse kein Fleisch, auch kein Huhn (und keinen Fisch). - I do not eat meat, nor chicken (and neither fish).
  • Ich esse [keine] Eier, Milch oder Käse. - I [do not] eat eggs, milk or cheese.
  • Welches dieser Gerichte kann ich essen? - Which of these dishes could I eat?
  • Milchprodukte - dairy; Geflügel - fowl; Honig - honey; Bohnen - beans; Linsen - lentils; Gemüse - vegetables
  • Ich mag kein Fleisch. - I don't like meat.
  • Ich esse keine Butter. Ich esse (bevorzuge) Margarine. - I don't eat butter. I eat (prefer) margarine.
  • (Kaffee, Tee) ohne Milch - (coffee, tea) without milk
  • vegetarisch - vegetarian (adj.) ; vegan - vegan (adj.)
  • Ich liebe Tiere, also esse ich sie nicht - I love animals, so I don't eat them
  • Haben Sie vegetarische Gerichte? - Do you offer any vegetarian meals?
  • Ja, ich mag Tofu. - Yes, I like tofu.


  • Ime chortofagos - I am a vegetarian
  • Eimai hortofagos. Den troo kreas i kotopoulo [EE-may hor-to-FAH-gos. Then tro KRAY-ahs ee ko-TO-poo-lo.] - I am a vegetarian. I do not eat meat, pork or chicken.
  • (Den) troo avga, gala, kai (i) tiri. [(Then) tro ahv-GA, GA-la, keh (ee) tee-REE.] - I do (do not) eat eggs, milk or cheese
  • per-ee-EH-hee - does it contain:
  • zo-ee-KAH pro-ee-YON-da? - any animal products?
  • zo-ee-KO LEE-pos? - animal fat?
  • zou-MEE ah-PO KRAY-ahs ee ko-TO-pou-lo? - meat or chicken broth?
  • Den troo psari -Den trOo PSAree - I don't eat fish either
  • Ehete kati na fao pou na min ine kreas i psari?- Eheteh KAtee na FAoh poo na meen EEnay KREyas i PSAree? - Do you have something I can eat, that is not meat or fish?
  • Ehete ladera,ospria, makaronia horis kreatiko, hortopites? - Ehete ladeRA, Osprya, makaROnya howREES kreyateeKO, howRTOpettes? - Do you have oil cooked vegetables, pulses, macaroni without meat, greens pies? ( Greens pies refers to spanakopita style things. They may contain cheese, though)
  • Agapo ta zoa - I love animals
  • I Fisi - the nature
  • Choris Kreas - without meat
  • Efxaristo - thanks
  • Parakalo - please
  • Giasu - Hi/Bye
  • Kalinichta - good night

Irish Gaelic / Gaeilge

  • Is feoilshéantóir mé - I'm a vegetarian
  • Ní ithim aon feoil (ná iasc) (ná sicín) - I don't eat meat (nor fish)(nor chicken)
  • Ní ólaim bainne - I do not drink milk
  • Ní ithim feoil mar ní theastaíonn uaim ainmhithe a mharú - I don't eat meat as I don't want to kill animals
  • An bhfuil feoil/iasc sa bhia seo? - Is there meat/fish in this food?
  • An bhfuil aon rud ar an mbiachlár gan fheoil? - Is there anything on the menu that doesn't have meat?
  • An bhfuil uibheacha sa bhia seo? - Are there eggs in this?

Italian / Italiano

.wav files by Franco Tedaldi, Italy
  • Sono vegetariano/a - I am vegetarian - male/female
  • Non mangio carne, nè pollo o pesce - I don't eat meat, chicken or fish.
  • Sono vegano/ vegana. - I am vegan - male/female
  • sono strettamente vegetariano - I am a strict vegetarian - male/female
  • Non bevo il latte - I don't drink milk.
  • Non mangio il burro, il formaggio, le uova, o il miele - I don't eat butter, cheese, eggs, or honey.
  • Avete un piatto vegetariano? - Do you have a vegetarian dish?
  • C'e' un ristorante vegetariano qui vicino? - Is there a vegetarian restaurant near here?
  • C'e' del brodo di carne o pollo in questa zuppa? - Is there meat or chicken broth in this soup?
  • Io amo gli animali, percio' non li mangio - I love animals, so I don't eat them

Lëtzebuergësch /Luxemburgisch

  • Ech sin Végétarier[inn] - I am vegetarian (m/f)
  • Véganer - vegan
  • Ech eesse keen Déier - I do not eat animals
  • Mir gefällt kee Fleesch. - I do not like meat
  • Ech eesse kee Botter. Ech eesse (léiwer) Margarinn. - I do not eat butter. I eat (prefer) margarine
  • (Kaffi, Téi) ouni Mëllech - coffee / tea - without milk
  • végétarisch - vegetarian (adj)
  • Ecg hun d'Déiere - dofir eessen ech se nët - I love animals, so I don't eat them

Low Saxon (Low German)

a (now finally officially recognized) minority language in the northern half of Germany and the eastern parts of the Netherlands. (Pronunciation for English speakers in [].)
  • Ik bün 'n Vegetarier(sch) [ick buen ve-gheh-TOH-ree-ur(sh)] - I am a vegetarian -- male (female)
  • Ik eet keen Fleesch; Hohn or Fisch ook nich. [ick eyt keyn fleysch -- hone or fish oke niH] - I do not eat meat, neither chicken or fish.
  • Ik eet (keen) Eier, Melk or Kääs'. [ick eyt (keyn) I-ur, melk or kehz] - I [do not] eat eggs, milk or cheese
  • Wilket Eten kann ik hier eten? [VIL-ket EYtn kahn ick heer EYtn] - Which dish here can I eat?
  • Eten mit Melk binnen [EYtn mit melk binn] - Food containing dairy; Vagel(s) [FOH-gl(ss)] - Fowl; Honnig [HON-niH] - Honey
  • Ik heff Deerten leef; daarwegen do ik se nich eten. [ick heff DEYRtn leyf; DOHR-vehgng doe ick zey niH EYtn] - I love animals, so I don't eat them.


  • Jiena Vegitarjan/a - I am vegetarian - male/female
  • Jiena ma nikolx laham - I don't eat meat
  • Jien ma nikolx laham jew hut - I don't eat meat or fish.
  • Jien Ma nixrobx halib - I don't drink milk
  • majjal - pork ; bajd - eggs ; hut - fish ; tigieg - chicken
  • Is there a vegetarian restaurant near here? - Fejn nista insib ikel vegitarjan fil vicin?

Welsh / Cymraeg

  • Rydw i'n llysieuwr [Rudd-oo een LLush-*ay*-ur] - I am a vegetarian
  • Dydw i ddim yn bwyta cig neu cyw ia+r [Duddoo ee *THim* un *boy*-tah keeg nay queue ee-*arrr* (roll that r)] - I do not eat meat or chicken
  • Rydw i'n (Dydw i ddim yn) bwyta wyau, llaeth a chaws. [Rudd-oo een (duddoo ee *THim* un) *boy*-tah *oi*-yeh, LL-eye-th aa CHowsss] - I do (do not) eat eggs, milk and cheese
  • Pa un o'r rheiny alla i bwyta? [*Paah* een oooRrrr *rainy* aLL-ah ee *boy*-tah?] - which of these dishes could I eat
  • LL - Line tongue around roof of mouth so air can escape only at the back and underneath - smile - and push air out fast narrowing the gap to make it louder.
  • TH as in 'THem'
  • CH as in 'J.S. BaCH'
  • 'tah' as 'ta' in 'tank'

West Lombard (Insubrian)

  • Mi mangji no la carna - I don't eat meat
  • Ij bestij hin me amiz, mi mangji no ij me amiz - animals are my friends, I don't eat my friends
  • Mi sun no raçista, mi sun no speçista - I am not racist, I am not specist
  • Mi sun dree a minga mangjà ij oeuf, lacj u furmaj - I try to not eat eggs and milk or cheese

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