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IVU in West Asia
First Middle East Veg Congress
organised by the Middle East Veg Group (MEVEG)
at MENOPE (Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo)
in Dubai UAE

6th & 7th December, 2010

The first ever Middle East Veg Congress was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 6 & 7, 2010. The Congress was a great success, with many new ideas that the rest of us can learn from. Over the two days there were 16 speakers from many countries around the world, workshops for children, fabulous vegan food provided by sponsors, the organic food expo taking place alongside, and all of it video'd by SMTV who brought in 14 people from East Asia to do the job. The grand finale was a live interactive satellite link with Supreme Master Ching Hai from the climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico.

The UAE Health Minister opening the congress

live link to climate change conference, Mexico



Photos below, and below right, from MENOPE
- Middle East Natural Organc Expo, in the main hall


Pre-congress press conference

SMTV recoding the whole congress

Sandhya Prakash, left, giving a radio interview

MEVEG (Middle East Veg Group) - The aim of the volunteer run group is to create an awareness of Veg lifestyle for wholesome health, environment protection and animal welfare perspective to make this planet a better place for all of us. To join the group – register on or drop in a mail to