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3 - Recipes for Success

If you run a website for a local group you probably thought about putting some recipes on it. Then maybe you about all the big sites with zillions of vegetarian and vegan recipes and thought "why bother? we'll just put in some links to those".

This could be a big mistake....

It is a universal fact, reported by all veg websites, that recipes get the most hits. Often as much as everything else put together. The people accessing these recipes often find them via search engines such as '' or '' - and often the first time they ever visit a site will be arriving direct at a recipe page via a search engine. Soemtimes they will have little idea of which site they are looking at...

So, by putting some recipes on your site you will almost certainly bring in some new visitors - then make sure you have lots of links to the rest of your site to attract them in to look around. The row of links at the bottom of the page is the usual way, plus a big link to your main index page.

A lot of people 'discover' sites this way - they might never have known that your local group had a website, and some of them will have a particular interest, maybe planning a visit or have friends in your area. Every way you can attract new visitors to your site is worth exploiting.

The other way of bringing in even more is to use our mutual interest as a part of We have a big recipes index - Recipes Around the World - which links to all recipes on, including those on hosted sites - and our own search engines which are very heavily used.

If you do decide to have some recipes on you site, try to put together a collection that is a little different to all the others, not just another bunch of standard recipes like everyone else has. Some possibilities:

  1. Veggie versions of traditional local cuisine from your area
  2. Maybe you have someone in the group from another cultural group who could contribute some specialities from their home region.
  3. Use your local language, if it's anything other than English there will be relatively few recipes available in it (translations, especially to English would also be a good idea).
  4. Focus on a particular ingredient or group of ingredients (eg the 'Carrot Collection', or a particular type of cooking (veggie barbecues...?)
- and don't forget to let us know whenever you add more on: