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8th International Vegan Festival -- Aug 6-13, 1995 -- San Diego, California


Many of you listers have responded either through the list or directly, individually to the Vegetarian Resource Center (VRC) about your indecisiveness about attending the 8th International Vegan Festival.

Some of the concerns were cost - cost of the airplane ticket, cost of the Festival, cost of the time away from work.

All these concerns are real and must be considered extremely significant when balancing a tight budget.

BUT ...

to complicate the calculation just a little more, the planners of the 8th International Vegan Festival have added a new dimension to the formula.


Get together with your local friends, your local vegetarian society (or, for that matter, your vegetarian church, temple, mosque, or coven), or your acquaintances on this list.

Registering SIX (6) - that's HALF A DOZEN REGISTRANTS for the 8th International Vegan Festival in San Diego, California, August 6-13, 1995 - will entitle the SEVENTH attendee FREE REGISTRATION.

The conditions are as follows:

Any six attendees who register for the entire conference with the full conference package, staying on campus and taking their meals there, whose registrations are somehow "bundled together" and sent in to the American Vegan Society, 56 Dinshah Lane, Malaga, NJ 08328 (or call or fax 609-694-2887 for a brochure, if you don't have one already and you still need time and information to think about it - you'll have more photos in the brochure than VRC has been able to send you in these postings), with the seventh registrant, who also takes the full package and stays on campus and takes all meals there with the Festival, will be granted one free registration.

This deal is not "a real money maker" for the three organizations who are planning the Festival, but it is an opportunity to include more people in the Festival than we currently have (we would like to have 700-750 full-time registrants), and the goal of any REAL nonprofit (as contrasted with an organization which is "nonprofit" in name and legal status only) is to promote the organization's objectives.


Sorry to be commercial, partisan, or disingenuous - and many Europeans and Canadians will not like the choice of American Airlines. I've heard every argument in the book, and many of you will either enjoy hearing them recited or identify with them.

Environmental Travel (New York) says that American is no good because they are among the top three in carrying animals to laboratories.

Some Canadians think we should have chosen something without the word "American" in the title.

Some think the vegan food is better on Northwest.

And so on, through the litany of reasons any vegan gives for selecting a particular airlines. And we can continue to entertain and consider all these and more reasons for choosing or not choosing AA.

But American Airlines gives us 5% discount for Conference Attendees.

Call American Airlines, Meetings Services, at 1-800=433-1790, and tell them that you want the Star Desk, and that your Star Number is "S-0485UG" - That's "S" for Star, and 0485, then UG (as in UGLY).

I travel from Boston to San Diego Round Trip for net $360 with the discount. I finagled on the telephone, then the lovely lady found really great connections for me, and then I told her that the Star Number gives me a 5% further reduction. That brought it down to $360.00. You could do just as well.

So, LUCKY SEVEN and the STAR DISCOUNT - together make the conference a little more affordable for many of you listers.