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8th International Vegan Festival -- Aug 6-13, 1995 -- San Diego, California

Conference Friends

[Vilma & Steven]
Norma Jean Wallace
Steven Baer
It was so great to be the volunteer coordinator for this conference. People like my friend Steven here, who I just met on Sunday, went out of their way whenever I said 'Hi, how are you?' to say 'What do you need? How can I help?' Everybody has such a positive attitude and they're so willing to help the movement... it's just a wonderful experience to be the volunteer coordinator.
As long as we have people like Norma there will be conferences in the future and you're guaranteed to enjoy conferences wherever they are.
You're so sweet.

[Amie & Kevin]
Amie Hamlin
Kevin Pickard
Hi, I'm the Social Coordinator.
And she's been doing a great job at it.
And this is Kevin Pickard. The... the...
Alex Trebek of vegetarianism.
Vegan Jeopardy! But not only that, he is the president of the largest vegetarian group in the whole of North America. 1400 members, can you imagine that? What success!
And we've been around for 50 years. I don't look that old, do I?
He's my conference buddy. We wash each other's dishes. We brought our own dishes so we don't have to dispose of them.
And give each other massages.
Yeah! All that good stuff!

Photographs compiled by Mark Wisdom