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8th International Vegan Festival -- Aug 6-13, 1995 -- San Diego, California


Ruth Heidrich, PhD - vegan triathlon winner, grandmother, cancer survivor - to speak at 8th INTERNATIONAL VEGAN FESTIVAL

Dr. Ruth Heidrich, a grandmother who had suffered what was diagnosed as terminal cancer, has been in remission for many, many, many years (well past the usual 5 years that is considered by oncologists to be a cure). She has won several TRIATHLONS.

Ruth Heidrich is an outstanding athlete. Her diet is consistently vegan - her health shows it.

She is considered "cured" - but her remarkable accomplishments in so frequently winning triathlons testifies to the efficacy of changed ways that involve abstemiousness, the elimination of the many toxins sold in the modern world - avoiding tobacco, alcohol, coffee, and animal products.

Dr. Heidrich's book is called "A Race for Life." She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. A movie is being made of her life.

Dr. Ruth Heidrich will be speaking at the 8th International Vegan Festival at San Diego State University in San Diego, California, August 6-13, 1995.

For information on Dr. Ruth Heidrich, E-Mail to or call 609-694-2887 or 303-777-4761.

The book "A Race for Life" is available at 609-694-2887 and can be charged. However, it will also be available at the 8th International Vegan Festival.

Hope to see you all there...